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Cheytonn's wrote her first album that was produced by Spike Rebel Productions.

1. My Music
2. Eww You Want Me to
3. Tryna Get Over You
4. Step To This
5. Breezy
6. Midnight Breeze
7. When I'm With You
8. When I'm With You
9. Heaven in Your eyes
10.Heavenly Creativity



Cheytonn was born in Buffalo, New York where she lived until she was 11. Her family moved to the south side of Chicago, Illinois for 6 months before settling down in the suburban town called Schaumburg. It was here that she would discover her passion of entertaining.

While in high school Cheytonn joined the school choir, ran track and performed in talent shows. Once Cheytonn completed high school she set her sights on becoming a better performer so she attended Columbia College in Chicago and studied music, theater & dance. It was here at Columbia that Cheytonn flourished as a dancer having performed in a rap group at the annual Jack the Rapper event. It was at the event that Cheytonn also discovered her other gift of hairstyling when she helped a bewildered and sobbing performer with her hair right before her act.

What Cheytonn didn’t know at the time was that hairstyling would later pave the way for her to learn about endurance, strength and humility. She pursued a career in cosmetology, to finance her dream of becoming a singer only to find out that she wasn’t a great stylist. Cheytonn insisted that she learn the proper techniques of doing hair for all people. When most would have given up on the career after standing on their feet for 15 hours, braiding hair only to have the client be dissatisfied and walk out without payment, Cheytonn dugged deeper to in her soul to learn what she did wrong and corrected the situation. She is currently a master stylist of all types of hair.

The Dancer/Hairstylist/Singer/Songwriter named Cheytonn was able to write songs in between appointments and after hours. “I was inspired by all the soul from the classic R&B music that was being played at the salon.” Her influences growing up were Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Phyllis Hyman Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, and other classic R&B and Jazz artist. Probably her biggest and most direct artists that have the biggest impact on her music today is Incognito, Maysa, Maxwell, her grandmother Helena Ward and father Willie Johnson, lead singer of the Del Royals and later the Mother Freedom Band. At 2 years of age is where Cheytonn got her first interaction with an audience when her dad took her on stage. It was this moment that developed stage fright and shied away from singing in front of people.

Now all of that is behind her and she is sharing with the world her journey through with all the good and not so good moments of her life. Her first album titled My Music, was written by her and produced by Spike Rebel. It is an eclectic mix of R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz which now is being a new genre called Neo-Soul. Cheytonn first song on the album is self-titled “My Music” allows the listener to understand what her terms and purpose on this earth; her music.

Today Cheytonn can be seen performing with Oak Street Groove. Cheytonn has brought the feminine magic to this crew, with her sultry voice and ability to perform songs that require emotions and depth. She comes from a family with members who have had tremendous careers in the industry.