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Chiasm @ Coach and Horses

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Overall, Emileigh has out-done herself on this work. As pointed out in the press release for this album, she has written the music, the lyrics, recorded and produced the album all on her own. This is a feat for any musician and to have an album released of this caliber is incredible. I highly recommend it, so don't hesitate to pick it up! - Gothic Paradise

Magnificent. Chiasm (aka Emileigh Rohn) has really done it here with her new cd masterpiece, "Relapse". Each track on the disc is worth listening to without skipping. Emileigh delivers another power punch album that's very emotional, simply wonderful, abroad, and catchy melodies, driving synths and samples. - Chain DLK

Her musical structure is next to genius, packed with great inflections and elevation points, shackling the listener in a car upon the great roller coaster of divine sound. The melody, rhythm, sample timing, sound effects and music playing; all executed in perfection! - Lust After Dark Cyberzine

What I have also realized is that no matter how much time goes by, one music geek can spot another. I knew Emileigh Rohn for one right away, and her website confirmed it. To her credit, she knows how to program the hell out of her synths, she can tickle the ivories very well, and her sampling ability is excellent. - Virus Mag

CHIASM (aka Emileigh Rohn) brings you a big helping of inner angst and turmoil on her second album, "Relapse". While there are plenty of talented women in the dark electro scene, there are still few who can take on the absolute control of an album and can do it so well. - Metropolis

CHIASM: Disorder
The often dismal character of the Motor City is known for inspiring a host of instrumental techno artists, but Chiasm (Emileigh Rohn) chooses to express her angst through very intimate and intense audio exorcisms that juxtapose her ethereal, haunting vocals and confrontational snarls with murky, minimalist industrial sounds. Disorder, her debut release, makes an immediate impression, displaying an honest tenderness despite its tough and tense musicality. From the murky title track to the kinetic, confrontational "Fight" or the lonely, longing "Formula," Disorder is a revealing audio diary full of electro energy and honest emotion that gives the idea of "girl power" a whole new spin. - CMJ

I was so impressed by the cds package I received from one of Detroit's finest dark electronic female artist CHIASM (aka Emileigh Rohn). She is the second artist that ever sent me a unique package along with an autograph picture. Now that's what I'm talking about, impressing a music journalist! This lovely siren have her own signature sound with a blend of coldness, samples, manipulation and stripped-down electronics. Emileigh's voice reminds me of 80's new wave pop star Kim Wilde and Bjork. Her debut "Disorder" is indeed a futuristic art form masterpiece. Everytime I listen to the cd, I visualize each track on a sci-fi motion picture soundtrack or used for a score on a sci-fi or Japanese anime television series. You can hear the ethereal emotional feeling of confrontation and the cold and bitter anguish coming from Emileigh. She pours it all out by giving her point of view on the side of things. And she can even rap. Tracks like "Formula", "Disorder", "Fight", "Liquefy", "Isolated", "Enemy", and "Someone" brings the outcome stand point and thought provoking of this excellent futuristic basic club dance release in its prime.

Five Stars

Review by Donovan Tate - Grave Concerns Ezine

Emileigh Rohn, the intelligence behind Chiasm, has gifted us with an album that prowls around your skull, hunting down those special nodes of neural-receptor that keep us all addicted to this mistress we call industrial music. "Disorder" feels like a darkwave/Goth cd, but it's a deceptive feeling. Make no mistake, this is EBM, but constructed in such a way as to drape you in emotions not entirely common in industrial. Drenched in a mixture of sensuality and spite, Chiasm leave the rest of the pack behind in it's complexity of feelings. Not content with crude howls of angst, there is much depth for those of us who prefer polygamous layers of mood in our music. At the same time, "Disorder" thumps along in a club-floor-filling way, catering to the dance-floor sheep just enough to guarantee a wide array of listeners. I eagerly await further material from Miss Rohn, as Disorder has left me with a craving for more... - Starvox Magazine


Embryonic - 1998 - self released
Disorder - 2001 - COP International
Divided We Fall - 2003 - COP International
Relapse - 2005 - COP International
Prefrontal EP - 2006 - COP International

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