"If confidence kills...we're all gonna f#%kin' die!!!"


Chiba-Ken was formed in New York City in 2003 by lead singer George William. The name comes from a town in Tokyo, Japan where George was staying at the time. Upon returning to New York, George, a trained actor and singer who was performing as "Tony" in the Off-Broadway hit "Tony-n-Tina's Wedding" as well as a guest role on "All My Children", met up with drummer Jason D'Amelio and guitarist Elias Tannous, two musicians who had been veterans of the NYC rock circuit as teenagers. The next piece of the puzzle came by way of Kazakhstan, a place made famous recently by the movie "Borat".
Guitarist Julian Petrov, who was born in Kazakhstan, was living in Israel singing and playing guitar in his former band. Julian decided to relocate to America and after auditioning in front of a board of US officials, he was granted an Artists' Visa.
Julian auditioned and was accepted into Chiba-Ken and his first show was opening for none other than Iron Maiden at the Blossom Music Center in Ohio in June of 2008. It was a dream come true for the band and for Julian especially.
Chiba-Ken returned to their studio in Long Island and began writing new music. They recorded their second full length album entitled "Hard To Be Human" with producer Mike Watts (As Tall As Lions). The band relocated to Los Angeles in June of 2009 and after playing the world famous Whisky A Go-Go and Viper Room they quickly gained notoriety as one of the Sunset Strip's best new rock bands. It was there that they met and teamed up with bassist Hal Berkstresser. A Berklee School of Music grad, Hal has been recording and touring since he was 14 years old, and is an exciting new addition to the band.

Chiba-Ken was one of the last bands to be signed out of world famous CBGB's in Manhattan after playing there in 2006.

Quote from lead singer George William :
"In the 5 years of our existence we have seen members come and go, promises made and broken, been praised and criticized, loved and hated. We've been both victor and victim in our young career, and the experiences encountered so far have been lessons in life that have changed us forever. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be in a band, to live with the other members, to entwine your life with theirs, to put forth your creative ideas and watch as they are stretched, twisted, torn, destroyed, buried, resurrected, destroyed again, and sometimes, used. Not everyone gets the opportunity to ride around the country in a cargo van with no seats, no AC, no GPS, during a summer heat wave with 4 other smelly dudes, only to get to the next bar, next house, or next tent where there might be no people, no sound guy, no PA, or worse yet, no beer. But these are all opportunities. I feel bad for those that will never know the feeling of being onstage and having someone yell at you, spit at you, or throw something at you, because they will also never know the feeling of being onstage and having people sing with you, cheer for you, and applaud for you. We've played backyards for 30 people, and music houses for 3,000 people, but every time we step on the stage we're the same band, playing the same songs for the same reason. We do it, because it's part of who we are, part of our lives, and part of the world we're in. Thank God we have such strong support from the family and friends that we have, because to be in a band is like swimming in a shark tank and you need as many life rafts as you can. It's sink or swim, there's no rest for us. The second you stop swimming, you sink. We've been swimming for 5 years looking for the shoreline. Sometimes you think, maybe we'll never see it, maybe we'll never make it there, maybe the sharks will get us. But then you say, fuck it, it's better to die out here then to never have jumped in the water in the first place."

Notable Acts we've opened for:���Iron Maiden, Ill Nino, From Autumn to Ashes, Glassjaw, God Forbid, Powerman 5000, Kitty, 40 Below Summer, Black Market Hero, Byzantine, Biology, Sponge + many more..
We are currently sponsored by: Jagermeister, Sam Ash Music, Vic Firth, Rock Star Industry Clothing, Little Paw Skateboards


What do we do now?

Written By: Chiba-Ken

Here we are, in my room, getting lost, inside of you
Here we are, on the moon, I never felt so far away, standing next to you

The world gets complicated, the lights are fading down

What do we do now?
When innocence seems, to be lost, underneath our broken dreams

Here we are, under sheets, second-guess, saying words we didn’t mean
Here we are, on the street, in love last night, today thinking we’re free

The world gets complicated, our passion fading out


don’t believe it, can’t believe it, I did it, I , don’t regret it, why did you let it, you did it, so come and get it, so come and get me, come and change my life in just one minute (night)

Now it’s complicated, our lives no longer ours


Paradise Lost

Written By: Chiba-Ken

If on your fingertips the world could stand, what would you do with the power?
Your name upon the lips of every man, you’re the one in control

Who do you want me to kill? Who do you want me to save?
You’ll be above them all, say you believe in me
You won’t have to live in a world so fake

You can’t see the sun, until you open your eyes
Come on and open your eyes, do you see me?

I’m the impossible possibility of having it all
You’ll be unstoppable in your ability, a miracle to them all

But no one’s better than me, you think you’re better than me?
We’re gonna take a ride, welcome to your suicide
But this time, you don’t have to die at all


I’m the one in control, of it all

The sun is burning the evidence of a mortal man
Inside…resurrect yourself again
The sun is burning the evidence of a mortal man
So tear him down, throw him down, burn away

This time you don’t have to die at all


Hard to be human

Written By: Chiba-Ken

Am I too bad? Am I too good? Am I too mad? Or misunderstood?
Am I too late? Am I on time?
If I’m too early then tell me I’ll go home and come back tonight

Am I too old? Am I too young? Am I too vain? Is she the one? All that I need?
Can I be good enough for her when I am not good enough for me?

(I can’t believe) (What’s wrong with me) (How could it be)(How could this be)

I have forgotten myself, forgotten my way
It’s hard to be human today
I should remember myself, just for today,
It’s hard to be human always

Am I too rich? Am I too poor?
Does this tattoo reflect what’s in my soul?
Am I too black? Or maybe too white?
Am I too proud to think I might not be right?


Am I too mean? Am I too nice? Am I too high?
Should I just get drunk and start up a fight? How about tonight?

Am I too strange? I talk to myself, Am I deranged,
because I have thought about killing myself, should I get help?

CHORUS (overlapping verse)

Am I too straight? Am I too gay? Am I too pretty or ugly or freaky? Do I sound cliché?
Am I okay?

(It’s hard to be human today, It’s hard to be human always)
Tell me I’m good! Good enough for you! X2
Tell me the truth!

It’s hard to be human today, It’s hard to be human...always.

Casual Sex

Written By: Chiba-Ken

Forget your girlfriends, boyfriends, anyone important fuck ‘em
We’re going looking for that instant fix
Masturbation infecting the nation so I’m going out to get laid

Don’t cry, don’t cry, you’ll get some action
Find a new lover at the bottom of a trashcan
Tonight, you might, use some protection
You’re gonna like it baby ready or not

Look at me, I’m everything that I hate
I’ll go, when you leave, so stay with me everyday

We’re going downtown, joyride, looking for a quick high
Everybody strip down to your underwear
Am I dreaming am I slowly bleeding yo this, ecstasy is not bad

Rewind, rewind, the point has passed us
Just get in line, for the ultimate experience
In time, in time, you’ll be just like them
No need for dress codes when you have the money


Why do I convince myself that these photographs, are prison cells,
my memories, are fairytales of you

You got the Red states, blue states fucking on the first date
Media reports say we’re a product of date rape
Left brain, insane, the president needs cocaine
Hillary’s upset because Obama’s well hung

Alright, alright, have I gone too far?
Who’s listening to the opinions of a rock star
Tonight, tonight, we’ll ride in my car
I’ll take your shirt off while I drive with my knees



Written By: Chiba-Ken

Heaven will you ever let me in?
I’m confessing but it has never been my strength

I have misbehaved, I have disobeyed, come and be a friend of hate
Empty veins, empty eyes, we remain, suffering from your perception of hate

But I want destruction
I want the ground to swallow me
I walk in darkness,
I’ll let my hate turn into me

I am the torture
I am the violence in my mind
no time for praying
Unless you pray for the end of time

I have misbehaved, I have disobeyed, come and be a friend of hate
Empty veins, empty eyes, we remain, suffering from your perception of hate

I want betrayal
I want my love to suffer more
I’m falling from heaven
I fell to the bottom of my soul

Pick me up, and take me higher
Don’t ever let go of me until I find the strength to stand and let go of you

No more destruction
No more unnecessary graves
And forget religion
I feel like it kills more than it saves

cause I’m going crazy
I can’t believe the things I’ve seen
So somebody stop them
Don’t let the hate turn into me


Album - "Hard to be Human" 2009
Album - "Are We Innocent?" 2007
EP - "Faces of the Moment" 2005
Demo "The Winter Sessions"
Demo - "Chiba-Ken"

Chiba-Ken's radio promotion is handled by Munsey of Skateboard Marketing. Tracks from "Are We Innocent?" have been spun on radio stations including:

XM and Sirius Satellite, WSOU 89.5 Seton Hall Pirate RadioWNYU New York University96.9 FM �Free Radio� in San DiegoWLIU 88.3 FMThe X 88.9 Monmouth UniversityWSOE 89.3 fm � Elon RadioWWFM 89.1 � Mercer County CC RadioWTSR 93.1 fm � Trenton StateRadioX fm 94.7WLIX 104.5WFLY FM Wichita, KSWRHU Hofstra UniversityAlooga Radio Germany feauting DJ OtticTFG

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Set List

A typical original Chiba-Ken set lasts 30 to 50 minutes, depending on venue time slot limitations. They usually perform 7-8 songs in their set. A Common Set List: Paradise Lost, Hard to be Human, Faster Tonight, Casual Sex, The Dark Side, Citizens, Breaking Away, The Funeral