Chicago Typewriter
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Chicago Typewriter

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | SELF

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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Soldato and the Setting Sun EP
-Carrizozo Valley
-Gioco De Delora I (Shylock)
-Sally (Please Kill Me)
-Gioco De Delora II (Revenge)



An up and coming band straight out of Grand Rapids Michigan, Chicago Typewriter is known to draw a crowd whenever they play. Dedicated to putting their music out there the 4-Piece rock group pushes their music to anyone who will give them the time.

With the debut album Consigliere in production the story that the music is set around is finished.

The desert is no refuge for neither beggars nor choosers. Dry winds that sweep across the empty valleys carry remnants of great boulders that once stood at mountainous heights. Ancient slabs hold archaic symbols of indigenous myths; both sacred and profane. Among the archetypal beauty that encases the southwest, Jimmy Pain found himself clinging to his last, fading thought - the voice of his disgraced father echoing through his mind.

“Serve the family name, son. The weight of the world is now on your shoulders. Do not drop it as I did.”

The act of vengeance had robbed Jimmy of the vitality he once had. He no longer bloomed like a Texas rose. The hot, dry sand caused him to wilt away, turning his blood to grey ash. A man who lead many others to an untimely death was now taking the journey alone. Darkness began to creep into his periphery, blurring his vision to vague outlines. A circling condor overhead signaled to Jimmy’s that his passing is inevitable. Death, being the burlesque whore she is, lured Jimmy to this valley for one, final meeting.

Places We've Played:
Mixtape Cafe (Grand Rapids, MI)
Intersection (Grand Rapids, MI)
Kent County Fair Grounds (Grand Rapids, MI)
Mac's Bar (Lansing, MI)
Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI)

Places we are going to play:
Wilbert's (Cleveland, OH)
The Oasis (Grayslake, IL)
Rock Stars Academy (Flint, MI)
Lemonjello's (Holland, MI)
Mulligans Pub (Grand Rapids, MI)

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