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100% Street Product Mixtape (2006)

Chill Don't Pay the Bill Mixtape (2006)

Da Chicken Coop Vol. 1 (2011)



In a day and time where the internet has helped Hip Hop mingle with every region its waves are finally making its way to the Midwest. Hip Hop has had great success partying all the way from MO, IL, and MI but Hip Hop is stopping in Ohio, Columbus, Ohio that is. If Hip Hop plans on partying then she has to make sure she keeps it gator and gives Chick Da Boss (of Most Official) a chance to eat.

Marantz ‘Chick Da Boss’ Guinn grew up on the Southside of Columbus, Ohio. Chick’s first encounter with music came at the age of ten while attending a party that a family member was having. Chick was put on the spot when one family member said to him,” If you freestyle I will give you ten dollars in food stamps.” Needless to say, Chick accepted the offer. While most 12 year olds were watching cartoons Chick developed a growing interest in writing songs. He started becoming more serious about the rap game when his cousin signed a record deal with an independent recording company in Columbus that same year. Chick always asked his cousin, Curt, to put him on his songs, but Curt couldn’t give him a feature due to creative control issues. Curt told Chick to keep writing and master his craft. Chick got frustrated with waiting so he went back to what he knew best, trapping. Chick eventually emerged as a young go getter on the Southside of Columbus. One day, Chick was headed to make a move on the Westside that would have put him in a very comfortable position. The move was made, but the results were staggering to his music career. Chick ended up with a 3 1/2 year prison sentence in the Lancaster, Ohio correction facility. Once he finished paying his debt to society, Chick joined forces with his cousin, Curt, and formed Holdem High Entertainment.

In 2006, Chick was released from prison. Once Chick was settled, he started recording more and more and teamed up with Fuzzface together they made the group Most Official. Most Official moved 5000 units of their Holdem High Ent mix cd debut “ 100 percent street product.” Most Official also contributed to the mix cd of Jonnie Paycheck’s “Chill don’t pay the bill.” This was also an Holdem High Ent release that moved 3000 units. Things were finally looking up. Just as the ball started rolling Chick got caught up in another legal situation. This issue would send him away for almost four years.

Chick came home in 2010 for good enrolled in college and has been working harder than ever. Chick, along with his company Holdem High Ent, has a new focus and dedication to putting out quality music. Chick has already released 1 volume out of a 3 mixtape series called “Da Chicken Coop.” Chick has had some setbacks but what is life without them? If things continue to move forward as they have since Chick has come home….. then it would all have been worth it.