Chicken Dinner Road

Chicken Dinner Road

 Nampa, Idaho, USA

CHICKEN DINNER ROAD (CDR) is a Treasure Valley, Idaho acoustic band rooted in traditional bluegrass, gospel, blues, old country and rock and roll played with bluegrass instrument. CDR is known for original songs, tight harmonies, hot picking, interesting arrangements and entertaining stage presence. CDR won the Bluegrass Band contest at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest three times in three tries.


DENNIS STOKES of Nampa, Idaho is CDR’s front man,
lead singer and mandolin player. In his spare time, he is
a dairy nutritionist who helps to keep milk and cheese coming to your table. Born and raised in Florida, Dennis grew up playing country music, hunting gators, castrating bulls and eating watermelon. He also likes to eat grits.

J. D. “BUCK” BLAKLEY, another CDR native Idahoan, has played bass in many genres for longer than he can remember. During the day, John operates a flying service in Nampa, taking assorted refuse to remote landing strips in the Idaho backcountry. And sometimes he flies in to chase wild animals, commune with the fishes and resupply L. B. with beans, bacon and whiskey.

GARY ELLER, the Banjo Man from Pickles Butte, grew up
on Anderson Run Hill deep in the West Virginia hills.
Not much later, his parents gave him a banjo and sent him
to their neighbor Brady, a tobacco-chewing mountaineer
banjo player, to become educated and well-respected. Sure enough, banjo was his ticket to wild acclaim and extended gigs in Ohio, Georgia, New Mexico and now in Idaho with CDR.

RUE FRISBEE, a native of Emmett, Idaho, is a champion
fiddler from a famous family of fiddlers. He has played in many groups including Downwind, Too Far Gone and the Buckhorn Mountain Boys. When he is not chasing elk and steelhead or playing fiddle, Rue operates a fruit farm on Frozen Dog Road in Emmett.

L. B. ROBERTSON was raised in Idaho playing guitar,
riding mules and engaging in a sinful and unhealthy
lifestyle. He occasionally skulks out of the Idaho back
country to perform sanitation duties and play in such
bands as CDR, the Hot Spittin’ Llamas (Eagle)
and Ridgerunner (Moscow). He endorses Keen sandals
and cheap guitar strings.


Track 1 - Off the Beaten Path

Written By: Dennis Stokes

Take the road nobody travels.
Can't be afraid to make new tracks.
This ain't the highway. It's more like gravel.
Life is good here off the beaten path.

Track 3 - Chicken Fingers

Written By: Gary Eller


Track 2 - Fog

Written By: L. B. Robertson

Time is showing me a vision of a beautiful thing.
The sky is clear. The fog is lifting.

Track 6 - Lonely

Written By: Dennis Stokes

There are times when I wish I could be lonely.
There are times I want to be here by myself.
There are time when I need to get away.
Why can't that be today?


Off the Beaten Path (2012)

Chicken Dinner Road (self-titled, 2011)

Dinner Is Ready(2009)

I've Turned Around (2007)

Chicken Dinner Road - Live (2006)