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Chicken Little

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Folk Punk


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"Contributor Review"

The first Chicken Little thought the sky was falling because an acorn fell on his head. This new Brooklyn/Nashville Chicken Little assures us, however, that the sky is not falling, even though it's obvious something fell on their heads, talent.
Emma (Chicken) Berkey and Dave (Little) Cuomo left the Borough of Brooklyn and moved to Nashville earlier this year. Emma's accordion alters seamlessly between lead and background throughout all of their songs. One of the best things about the songs, besides being very hummable, is that the lyrics make you think. The three songs on their CD "The Sky is Not Falling," makes me believe there's really a dozen, for all the times I've had to stop in mid song and backtrack seeking the answer to "What did they mean by that?"
For example, the line "The smell of sulfur on the podium" in the second song, "The Devil Spoke Here," made me go, "Oh yeah! The Devil would leave a stench of brimstone (sulfur)." This track all too painfully points out the touch of Jekyll-and-Hyde in all of us; a burst of anger that hurts the one we love and how we'd give anything to take that moment back even though we can't.
In the first track, "Greensburg, PA," Chicken Little's perfectly intergrated harmonies conjure up an air of new millennium Simon & Garfunkel (or should I say SIMONE and Garfunkel?). In "The Sky is Not Falling," C.L. points out that it's our human frailties that keep us falling off the wagon, and everything else we grasp for and fail to reach.
Chicken Little's live performance by a campfire in the Food Not Bombs backyard was just as vivid as their recorded music. Visit their website at - The Contributor


The Sky is Not Falling ep - released Spring '09
No One, Never, Nothing - debut full length released spring '10



Chicken Little is a post punk old time duo with accordion, acoustic guitar, and lots of harmonies. They write spirituals to be protest songs and protest songs to be broken hearted love ballads. Cuomo is a punk turned folksinger who shouts and croons three chord acoustic songs inspired as much by The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock as by The Blitzkrieg Bop. Emma is a classically trained choral singer & pianist raised in North Carolina on appalachian bluegrass and old time country with a holler to match her vibrato.

Originally from Brooklyn, where Cuomo spent years singing in the subways and running off on quixotic solo tours, the two became a duo in early 2008 when a friend found an accordion on the street and gave it to them. Traveling the south on their first tour together they discovered a burgeoning renaissance in acoustic and roots music and soon after moved to Tennessee to find a place for Brooklyn folk music in the new movement.

Since moving to Nashville they have booked and played four national tours and are currently planning a fifth for the fall.