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Chicken Poodle Soup



Forming in early 2004, Minneapolis' Chicken Poodle Soup is a high-energy ska band which has been a favorite local act for the past 3 years. The band has determation to keep ska influenced music alive and kicking by bringing their music to listeners on both the local and national level.

In the first two years of Chicken Poodle Soup's career, the band played shows all around Minnesota and recorded their debut EP. The Legend of Scottie Guild was released in early November of 2005 and the band began to bring their energetic and fun shows to other Midwest states.

The band recently recorded a new EP due out in April 2007 entitled Fridge Full of Dreams. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brian Johnson (Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Christina Aguilera) in Winterland Studios of Minneapolis, CPS hopes to reemerge onto the local ska scene with a bang. Now incorporating an entire new sound from their previous EP, The Legend of Scottie Guild, CPS adds together diverse sounds of ska, reggae, pop punk, and funk. Combining energetic hooks, intricate vocal harmonies, and catchy horn lines, Fridge Full of Dreams is sure to be a new ska favorite.


The Panic Show

Written By: Ryan Jaroscak

Greetings imaginary friends. I’m so glad you’ve come to see me again, in the midst of these medical demonstrations. Hear the swallowing of pills, I like the taste of inexpensive thrills. Please numb the blows to my ambition.

In a therapeutic nation overruled by the medicine, I come with open veins and no direction. Welcome to the panic show, to my demise and the overflow, of the bile built up from years of condemnation.

Another broken word is what she said. Another written regret and it read, I’ve found a cure in your inspiration. No pride and a pocket full of lies. Can you see the discretion in my eyes? This mind is filled with fabrication.

We’ve got front row seats to the panic show, but once we’re there, there’s no where to go. I’ll try to escape from all my contradictions.

Occupational Hazard

Written By: Ryan Jaroscak

I was late for work again today, and I’m going to be late for work again tomorrow. I don’t want no nine to five, but I can’t get by on the welfare wage.

I joined a ska band yesterday, and I hope that all my friends will come and see us play. I’m going to play a horn, and sing some songs, in hope that my friends will sing along, come one and all dance along with me.

We’re searching for some dedication, a source of something to believe in. I want to live life like the pop song in my head. We’re trying to find some motivation, sick of sleep and masturbation, let’s hit the road in this rusted beat-up van.

I burnt twelve burgers at work today, and I’m terrified of what my boss will say. Well I don’t give a shit, I going to pack up now and quit, and start this brand new day with confidence.

I moved my life into a van, going to go real far away, but then I saw you smile, and now I just want to stay.


The Legend of Scottie Guild (EP, 2005)
Fridge Full of Dreams (EP, 2007)
Streaming Songs:
-"The Panic Show"
-"Occupational Hazard"

Set List

Chicken Poodle Soup's typical set includes all original music and runs for about 45 minutes:
-The Panic Show
-Occupational Hazard
-Don't Tip the Flowers
-The Legend of Scottie Guild
-Turn Down the Emo
-This Old House
-Farewell Forever
-Mr. Nice Guy