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Chico DeBarge


Jonathan Arthur "Chico" DeBarge born in Detroit, Michigan is an American R&B singer and a younger brother of the members of the Motown family act DeBarge. He began a musical career of his own with Motown in the mid-1980s. Now Chico is back with his latest album"Addiction."


“ADDICTION: Reality Music” is infused with rich melodies and soulful production that is sure to connect with fans and critics alike.

Artist: Chico DeBarge
Street Date: 07/14/09
Label: Kedar Entertainment Group


Soulful, Smooth, Sultry R&B crooner, Chico DeBarge has returned with his long anticipated studio album entitled, “ADDICTION: Reality Music.” Chico is a charismatic,infinitely talented song writer, composer and producer. He remained current and true to his natural musical and vocal deliveries.
The first single, “Oh No,” is a true testament to Chico’s. Chico’s unique rugged yet smooth vocal delivery on “ADDICTION: Reality Music” invokes nostalgic feelings of life’s situations and gives the listeners a glimpse into his diverse past. “ADDICTION: Reality Music” is filled with passion and intensity that encompasses Chico’s sensual delivery and style that fans have always loved and embraced.

During his 5 year hiatus, Chico focused on his other love, acting. After studying acting in LA and NY, in 2000 he lent his name and talent to the gospel stage play, “Real Men Pray.” In 2001,Chico stared in the stage play, “One Man, Two Women.” In 2003-2004, Chico joined forces with movie/theater phenomenon, Tyler Perry, when he starred along side Kelly Price in the stage play, “Why Did I Get Married,” which garnered rave reviews.

Our goal is to successfully re-introduce Chico as a mature, confident man to the consumer by building as much awareness and anticipation for this July 14, 2009 release. We will display Chico’s unique vocal talent and exponentially build upon his strong initial fan base. We will solicit third company marketing partners that will support us in bringing awareness to Chico DeBarge. We will be aided by airplay, press, street teams and on-line initiatives. “Long Time No See” launched Chico DeBarge to success and we will connect with both familiar and new consumers/fans.

Addiction Track Listing:
Addiction Meeting (Interlude) :31
Nefertiti / Center Of The Universe 2:13
Oh No! 4:07
Tell Ur Man (Feat. Joe) 3:26
Math (Feat. Talib Kweli) 3:49
Do My Bad Alone 3:06
Slick (Addiction) 4:32
I’m Ok 3:27
Medication (Interlude) 2:15
She Loves Me 4:04
I Want You 3:44
I Forgot Ur Name 3:34
Hey U 3:23
Chico’s Prayer (Interlude) :54

Top 10 Sales Markets:
New York
Los Angeles
Wash., DC
San Fran-Oakland-San Jose

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* 1986: Chico DeBarge
* 1988: Kiss Serious
* 1997: Long Time No See
* 1999: The Game
* 2003: Free
* 2009: Addiction July 14 2009 album


* 1986: Talk to Me (US #21, R&B #7, UK #88)
* 1987: The Girl Next Door
* 1987: Rainy Night (R&B #18)
* 1997: Iggin' Me (UK #50)
* 1997: Love Still Good
* 1998: No Guarantee (featuring Joe)
* 1998: Virgin (R&B #97)
* 1999: Soopaman Lover (R&B #55)
* 1999: Give You What You Want (Fa Sure) (US #71, R&B #11)
* 1999: Give You What You Want (South Central Remix) (featuring Trina)
* 2000: Listen to Your Man (featuring Joe) (R&B #41)
* 2000: Playa Hater
* 2003: Home Alone
* 2009: Oh No

Set List

Rainy Night
Playa Hater
Oh No!
No Guarantee
Listen TO Your Man