Nashville, Tennessee, USA

4-Piece Psychedelic Garage Rock band from Nashville, TN.


CHICO is a 4-piece folk/psychedelic/garage rock group founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. The group consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Carson Mays, Bassist Greg Markus, Lead Guitarist Ryan Quarles, and Drummer Austin Seegers. The band's music draws from many different influences to create its own blend of psychedelia with progressive and folk elements.

Set List

1. "Blooming Iris"
2. "Personal Providence"
3. "Fields of Copper"
4. "Falsehoods"
5. "Fellow Passenger"
6. "Concrete Cadence"
7. "Le Regarde Du L'Enfant"
8. "Caveman"

-- 30 min approx.