Chico Pinheiro

Chico Pinheiro

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

"An outstanding performer, composer, and one of the leading figures in the modern Brazilian Music scene".


If the Brazilian music of great harmonies, rhythms, songs and guitar playing is already considered a landmark of this country around the world, in Chico Pinheiro it all have come together in dramatic fashion. This young Sao Paulo native has set the Brazilian music scene alight with a glorious synthesis of bossa and jazz that moves the idiom onward from the towering achievements of artists like Joyce, Rosa Passos and Baden Powell.
Chico’s latest CD, featuring special guests Bob Mintzer and Dianne Reeves was released worldwide in 2010 by CT Music and SunnySide records. In the past his collaborations have included Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding, and the Paris Jazz Big Band, giving a measure of his growing reputation in the jazz world, where his quicksilver phrasing and sophisticated harmony allied to an authentic Brazilian style is winning him many admirers everywhere.

"When I first heard Chico Pinheiro I was instantly struck by his great virtuosity, not only as a musician but also as a composer and arranger. I pray that his talent and inspiration will keep growing and may continue to inspire and guide the next generation."

"Chico Pinheiro is a major player and writer - he is someone who will be around for a long, long time!"

" I've been appreciating Chico's work for a long time and I'm a huge fan, there's no one around doing what he does. "

"I love his artistic voice: very sweet, passionate, and at the same time very fresh and new."

"Chico Pinheiro is the next generation of great brazilian musicians. He's fantastic, somebody to really keep your eye on."

"...Chico Pinheiro is the perfect example of a bright new talent on the horizon, clearly proving people wrong who've claimed that nobody interesting has emerged on the brazilian music scene since my generation."



Buriti Records 2012
Chico Pinheiro, Andre mehmari, Sergio Santos

CT Music - Sunny Side 2010
feat. guests Dianne Reeves, Bob Mintzer and Oscar Castro Neves.

Buriti Records/ Goat Hill Recordings - 2007
Chico Pinheiro and Anthony Wilson

Biscoito Fino - 2005

Sony Music - 2003

Selected Discography :
Four Seasons ( CD/ DVD) -
Live at The Metropolitan Museum, NYC. (w/ Anthony Wilson, Julian Lage & Steve Cardenas)
Bob Mintzer Big Band - For the moment
Susal Palma Nidel - Elegante
New Flute Music From South America
Fleurine - San Francisco
André Mehmari - Canteiro
Swami Jr - Outra Praia
Nelson Motta - Sintonia Fina
Biscoito Fino - Duets
Bicoito Fino - São Paulo
Jose Miguel Wisnik - Sao Paulo Rio
Thiago Espirito Santo - Thiago Espirito Santo
Alex Buck - Alex Buck
Edu Ribeiro - Ja to te esperando
Danilo Caymmi - O Patriota
Ivan Lins and Charito- Non Stop Brazil (Japan Grammy Winner, Best Brazilian Jazz Album)
Braguinha Songbook - Almir Chediak
Chico Cesar - De uns tempos pra ca - ao Vivo
Mary Fettig ( Stan Kenton) - Mary Fettig
Jair Oliveira - 3.1
Jair Oliveira - Outro
Jair Oliveira - Disritmia
Luciana mello - Assim Que se Faz
Luciana Mello - L.M.
Luciana Mello - Olha pra mim
Pedro Mariano - Intuicao
Pedro Mariano - Voz no Ouvido
Jair Rodrigues - 500 anos de Folia
Jair Rodrigues - 500 anos de Folia - vol 2
Ana Cascardo - Esta noite vai ter sol

Set List

The repertoire is based on Chico Pinheiro's songs and instrumentals, and originals arrangements. Nevertheless, the sets are usually renewed/ changed partially from Venue to venue, always with new arrangements and tunes.