Chico Trujillo

Chico Trujillo

 Villa Alemana, Valparaíso, CHL

The superheroes of cumbia have a name: Chico Trujillo. Their contagious, recklessly danceable sound has united diverse audiences all over the globe, from grandmas to punk kids. Anyone with a little rocknroll in their veins and a passion to dance cannot possibly resist. Viva la cuuuumbia!


When punk-rockers go beyong those three chords, sometimes good things happen. Really good things. Case in point: Chile’s hottest band, Chico Trujillo. And who would have thought that punk band would become a “cumbia” band, one that has re-invigorated the genre and introduced it to a whole new generation of fans.

Born as a “side-project” from the legendary punk-ska band La Floripondio, Chico Trujillo has quickly vaulted in popularity to become the most talked about band in the southern cone, taking over stages across the country and around the world. And it’s all due to their live shows--in which they use all the energy and chaos of their punk predecessors, mixed with more tropical and Latin sounds from Chile and beyond--that keeps fans young and old dancing from the first horn solo to the third encore…

It all started after La Floripondio returned from a tour through Germany at the turn of the century, and lead singer and guitarist Macha decided to try a few new ideas out. Mixing traditional cumbias and boleros with renewed and inspired texts and emotions, the group quickly caught on in Chile in a powerful way. Young rockers flocked to their music, as they loved the re-interpretation of their parents’ songs with a modern twist. But it wasn’t only the hip youth that was going to see Chico Trujillo play. As their new sound slowly spread, the whole country was realizing that the band was also good. Perhaps they still dressed like punks (although now sporting more guayaberas in a nod to the tropical bandas that inspired them) and kept their fiercely independent streak, but something in their energy and re-working of the classics, as well as banging new original songs, began appealing to Chilenos of all ages, and soon to the world abroad.

Producers in Chile caught on to the underground, popular buzz, and they were invited to the most prestigious and popular festivals around the country, alongside the legends of Chilean cumbia, as well to play at rock festivals in front of tens of thousands of youngsters. And then their music was carried to Germany, where they have taken-up residence every summer for the past 5 years at the infamous Café Zapata, playing for Latino immigrants but as well a growing hip German youth. Soon Spain was calling, and Switzerland, and Sweden wasn’t far behind. Whether they were making thousands dance in Berlin’s squares during World Cup 2006 soccer games, in packed basement clubs in Montreax, or in stadiums in Chile, the spin-off band from the tiny town of Villa Aleman was taking an extraordinary course to spread a little Chilean cumbia across the globe.

But your parents cumbia this isn’t. “Cumbia Chilombiana” – a mix of Chilean and Colombian cumbia -- is one way the band has described it, in the title of their 2007 album. By taking the traditional cumbia base, infusing it with punk energy, ska horns, and a bit of Chilean folk, Chico Trujillo has created an urban mix of the popular Latin classic that seemingly everyone loves. And cumbia—the real musica popular uniting all of Latin America, the one sound you hear from the Rio Grande all the way to the Straits of Magellan—is seeing a worldwide renaissance, it is mostly on the back of slick DJ remixes, electric flourishes, or more traditional re-creations of the oldies. Chico Trujillo forgoes all those fashions and of-the-moment creations, and just does what has always been the true essence of a great live cumbia band: they rock, and the people dance and dance and dance.


Chico Trujillo y La Señora Imaginacion (2001)
Cumbia Chilombiana (2006 - La Oveja Negra)
Plato Unico Bailable (2008 - La Oveja Negra)
Chico de Oro (2010 - Barbes Records)
Gran Pecador (2012 - La Oveja Negra)

Set List

1 set of 75 minutes + many encores ... originals + some covers...

Gran Pecadpr
La Cosecha de Mujeres
Se Baila o No se Baila
Polera Amarilla
Calientame la sopa con un Hueso
Ahora Quien
No Me Busques
La Piraguq
No Me Pregunten Como Es Mi Muchacha
Maria Ria
Sin Excusas