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My music is written from my heart and aimed towards yours. I only write about what is true and what I believe people relate to. In a nutshell what I produce is Revolutionary, Sincere, Exciting, Slap!


It was a warm evening in the summer of 01' at a basketball park in San
Ramon, Ca. Where 18 yr. old Jamar E. Seay a.k.a. "CHIEF HOLYFIRE",
received a phone call from his older brother 24 yr. old James E. Seay
III a.k.a. "The D.R.E.A.M.", asking him for a unique but exciting
favor. The request was to produce an elaborate one page biography for
his brother James. The final results...mindblowing! Jamar had always
been a writer but only displayed his depth of expression through
humorous jokes with friends or an occasional poem jotted during free

Being just a youngster oddly enough Jamar's lifestyle was beginning to
change for the better. With getting in a devastating car accident in
January of 00' Jamar was left open to a different approach on life and
shaken by the unsuspected curveball that reality had thrown him. He
was about to embark on a journey him or anyone who knew him would've
never expected in a million years. Tired of an empty and disappointing
life, disturbing yet glorified reputation as a womanizer and
smoothtalker, and ignorant to God and his expectation, Jamar would
reach for a book of answers he was completely estranged to. The Holy

"My brother James was a major influence on me even considering a
career in the music industry. I would just be entertained by him
whenever he would start rhyming in the car or just freestyling at
functions we went to. He would always try and get me to freestyle but
I never would unless I was completely out of my mind and under the
influence of alcohol or marijuana. James was a motivation for what
ever I did because I admired him so much and followed his every move.
I without a doubt enjoy songwriting and producing and hope to inspire
others with the lyrics I write and messages I send. That's what I'm
aiming for." -Jamar E. Seay

Nowadays hearing Jamar recite his songs is nothing new to those who
know him as of late. But back then it was sheerly an amateur artist
sharpening a tool that had been barely used. It'd be a lie to say this
unforeseen path was a dream come true for him. Though his parents'
careers could've been a dead giveaway to his dearly loved talent now
shared with many.

His father, a successful businessman in the corporate world born and
raised in the hills of Oakland and Berkeley. His mom, born and raised
in South Central L.A. and best known for her brief career as a dancer
in the 70's on the legendary hit show "Soul Train". It's safe to say
that something had to give.

To contact the chief email him at:

- Appeared on BET & MTV2 for a Music Cash Prize Contest commercial.

- Performed for world-renowned author Terry McMillan at her holiday party in Dec. 2004.

- Performed at an event for Chaz Hayes of Chaz Hayes Management New Year’s Eve of 2004.

- Biggest crowd ever performed for was 8,000 people at the 2005 San Francisco Church of Christ Congregational Net Expo in the San Jose Convention Center.


World Domination feat. Scariano & AlexisRose

Written By: J. Seay, G. Lacayo

I try hard to be bold to rise above a world so cold
Ima hold to the truth and Ima never let go
I walk around daily and grab people of all nations
training them to work for eternal vacation
Got to build up a kingdom hidden in this world
freely given to all you boys and girls
we love to multiply like fish in the sea
this only happens when Christ is efficient in me
So please listen to me I go through hardships
fighting no matter how tired my arms get
I hop over hurdles thats bigger than goliath
defend my kings word cuz many will defy it
they're thirsty for mercy so Ima go and quench them
I choose to love now thats a life of reinvention
we dominate the world crushin evil desires
im fired up and committed til my life expires

It's World Domination It's World Domination
If you ready or not, we came to rock
and we won't stop til we touch the top
It's World Domination It's World Domination
If you ready or not, we came to rock
and we won't stop til we touch the top

Ima give it to you plain, not like american airlines
I want to get america's airtime
if it boils in my heart then it burns in my mouth
I won't hold it I vow to sphew it out
your not saved? just say rescue me
for your sake christ left you me
and I won't grumble, that's my purpose
see me sowing seeds all over the earth's surface
dream, scar, me, we bang like rock and roll
give me a beat and i'll rock your soul
and if you didn't know, im a hard fighting soldier
I gotta make it hot, the world's getting colder
you should know by now I got juice like a popsickle
manuver around obstacles, they can't block my glow
im a d.i. joe the flow is sick I should take it to hospital

Repeat Chorus

Smash forward don't try to hold me back
im the train jumping off of the track
and i don't want to sound like a dictator
but me, dream, and scar got vision like a 5th grader
who would've thought, 20 yrs. after my birth
i'd get a sword and try to conquer the earth
not like saddam or a joseph stalin
i fight against sin and the angels fallen
it's not just us, its way enormous
though the rhymes are cute the beats are gorgeous
better not get lost in the glitz and glamour
we bang hard like nails and hammers
and im not gonna stop til my bloodcells clot
got to carry my cross til my kneecaps pop
it's a civilized war im a chief commander
I got dominate the world on my weekly planner

Repeat Chorus


Song Title: World Domination feat. Scariano & AlexisRose
Vocals done by Jamar E. Seay (CHIEF HOLYFIRE) & Gabriel Lacayo (Scariano)
Background Vocals done by Alexis Johnson
Produced by Scariano & CHIEF HOLYFIRE
Engineered by Jose T. of 17 Hertz Studios
Mastered by 17 Hertz Studios

Set List

1.) World Domination feat. Scariano & AlexisRose
2.) Heartbreak feat. Keith Varon of The Red Letter Lie