Chief & Mo'Da (Da Go Gettas)

Chief & Mo'Da (Da Go Gettas)

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Hard-Hitting, head-bobbing, real life music that will have "young and old" rocking to Chief & Mo'Da' s chosen anthems. Their music includes all aspects of life & the subject matter entailed is from their personal experiences in Iraq to the streets of Houston, Texas and the alleys of Cleveland, Ohio.


The #1 global threat to the entertainment and music industry was thought to be piracy, digital downloads, and corporate intervention. The #1 threat was FOUND to be those Go Gettas: Scott Jacobs and Aaron Britten, an unstoppable entertainment force known as Chief and Mo'Da. These two soldiers are home from Iraq to claim their place in the war amongst hip-hop's elite. Since being a soldier AND being at war is in Chief and Mo'Da's blood there should be no doubt in your mind who will win THIS war.
Chief and Mo'Da has joined forces from a military background to give the music industry a taste of two worlds: the North and the South. With no prior knowledge of one another these young men met during a poetry contest on the military base where they both served. Brought together for what they thought would be the sole purpose of preserving and protecting a way of life something else came about. They found purpose in themselves, purpose in each other, and the greatest perspective of what it meant not only to be patriots, but musicians too.

Scott Jacobs, known in the rap world as Chief, because of being a self-proclaimed leader, represents the North. His gritty, thought-invoking & melodic flow gained its texture in the streets of Cleveland, Ohio where his first solo album was released. Chief: Da Go Getta hit stores in 2006 and sold several thousand units through Go Getta Entertainment, an independent record label in which Chief and Mo'Da are signed to. On this album Chief addresses knowledgeably certain issues from the war in Iraq, HIV's effect on the hood, single- moms and other contentious topics. The fact that he holds a bachelor's degree in psychology assists in some of those chosen topics.
Mo'Da produced, was featured on, and helped to distribute this solo project, in which the majority of the units were sold in Texas, where they were stationed in the Army.
Mo'Da, born Aaron Britten, hails from Houston, Texas. His Texas twist is whimsical, smooth and laid back. It commands attention over any beat and is just the right compliment for Chief's controversial side. Mo'Da, whose name means (style in Spanish) is just that....a crafty free-styler who has had a love for hip hop since an early age. He fostered this love by competing in and winning freestyling competitions around Houston, Texas.
Chief and Mo'Da have performed on various tours with artists such as Young Buck, Young Joc and Gucci Mane and also the Legends of Hip Hop Tour. Chief & Mo'Da also participated in a 14 city tour sponsored by Burger King. Besides performing at hip-hop concerts, the guys have participated in family-oriented events such as The UniverSoul Circus. Their dedication to family and children rank number 1 on their list of priorities because they know that serving THEIR country means serving OUR future. Chief & Mo’Da has decided to donate $1.00 per CD sold from their highly anticipated CD titled “Built For War” to the Families Of Fallen soldiers.

Chief and Mo'Da are two seasoned veterans ready to be two seasoned entertainers. They deliver an unparalleled and exhilarating stage show with such an amazing energy and thirst for music. Coupled with their undeniable on-stage chemistry and passion for performing these two can definitely "move the crowd'. 'With Chief and Mo'Da you don't just get a get an experience.
Chief and MoDa credit the military with teaching them LEADERSHIP: L.oyalty, D.uty, R.espect, S.elfless S.ervice, I.ntegrity, & P.ersonal courage along with discipline from being soldiers. This is reflected in their lives and in the diversity of their music. Their songs not only touch the hearts and souls of the working class, but it delves deep into the streets of the United States and deeper into the soils of Iraq.
You've met the artists' that TALK about the war in the streets.....Now it's time to meet the artists that FOUGHT the war in the streets.

For Booking Info Contact:
Go Getta Entertainment LLC
12702 Rexford Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44105
Office 216-518-0490 Fax 216-373-3460
Direct 216-253-6497


The album, "BUILT FOR WAR" with the heavy-hitting singles "GO GETTA WALK" & "BUILT FOR WAR" is set to be released 2010.


Set List

An exciting 12-15 min stage performance that entices and demands the crowd's attention at the same time.
Below are a list of songs that have helped Chief and Mo'Da receive widespread popularity during their performances.

Go Getta Walk
Get Money
Top To Da Bottom
Change the World