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"Rap duo proved to be set of ‘go gettas’"

From the way it’s understood
around here,
Cleveland rappers have
to either leave the city or be some
straight up “go gettas” to see any
measure of success in the music
Think about it, Bone Thugs-NHarmony
didn’t take off until they
linked up with Easy E in L.A. We
hear newcomer Kid Cudi’s song on
the radio because he’s with Kayne
However, one local lyricist
together with a southern rapper, are
collectively known as The Go
Gettas. And they are making headway
while using this city as their
Chief and MoDa met while
serving in the Army in Iraq. Chief
is from Cleveland and MoDa,
Houston, but they first encountered
each other while riding on the convoy
in the Green Zone. Both were
gunners who saw combat during
their 18-month tour.
But, as fate would have it, they
came across each other again. The
second time, MoDa witnessed
Chief performing poetry for troops
and realized they had something in
common. And, at that moment, this
dynamic duo formed.
Chief, who grew up in the
Harvard area, has been an artist
since the age of 12 and wrote lyrics
for singers such as Cali, Lovely
and Blaze. He even completed a
solo project, a mix-tape, in 2006
while still serving in the military.
MoDa also wrote and performed as
Chief’s hype man earlier on. They
believe their chemistry is perfect.
In fact, they click so well that
the two point at each other and say,
“He is,” when asked about their
greatest musical influences.
Consequently, MoDa’s Texas
swagger demands just as much
presence – allowing them both to
shine and interestingly enough,
they’re not afraid to bask in each
other’s glory.
Then, upon returning to the
States after receiving honorable
discharges, MoDa traveled to New
Orleans to help with Hurricane
Katrina as Chief returned to
Cleveland in an attempt to revamp
the music career he left behind. He
was a former member of Strict 9 -
the 1st independent rap group to hit
No.1 on the Billboard charts in
Once back in his element,
Chief reconnected with Harvey
“Lil Big Man” Lewis, a realtor by
day who also served as Strict 9’s
manager. Chief told Lewis about
MoDa. From there, Go Gettas
Entertainment spawned and the
trio began to make things happen.
MoDa traveled back and forth
from Houston to complete the CD.
“We brought the North and the
South together,” said Lewis.
Now that they’ve been going
hard for the past few years – with
the Burger King Tour in 2008 and
opening for the Legends of Hip-
Hop this year – Chief and MoDa’s
first project, “Built for War,” is set
for release by late summer. “Go
Getta Walk” will be the first single
to drop followed by the title song.
In their music, they rap about
everything from politics and soldiering
to the average civilian’s
existence. “All that’s in the music.
They give the experience from the
other side,” Lewis added.
“We try to touch on every
aspect of life,” said Chief. He went
on to explain how they want to
keep the war relevant as people are
still dying but do so in a way where
listeners understand. They bring a
different vibe.
“It’s not just about military.
We’ve been in the same ‘hood and
did the same things,” Chief continued.
“It’s a message in it. Not the
same stuff you hearing. It’s like ice
water,” MoDa added.
Considering what’s wrong in
Cleveland, why people can’t come
up in the music business here,
Chief and Lewis thought it was
best for MoDa to answer that question.
“It’s a lack of unity here,” he
said. “Where I’m from, everybody
help each other out. Cleveland has
the crab in the bucket syndrome.”
Whatever it may be, they are
not allowing it to pull them down.
Right now, their main focus is an
upcoming tour overseas and making
sure their music gets to their
fan base. Chief and MoDa are currently
preparing to tour Germany
with Armed Forces Entertainment
to perform for the troops. “We can
perform in front of old folks and
young folks. We give a stage
show,” said MoDa. - Call & Post Staff Reporter Rhonda Crowder

"Chief & MoDa (Da Go Gettas) are making moves!!!"

Immediate Release
Sept 2009
Chief & Mo’Da (Da Go Gettas) are making moves!!!

“This union would have never happened if we didn’t go to war together, says Chief & Mo’Da.

“One of the most professional hip hop acts I’ve seen”. Gezus Zaire (Call & Post Newspaper) Ohio

“You guys give all of my headliners a run for their money. Y’all are Hot! Hot! Hot!”
Sonya Hampton- (Bridgeway Productions) Ohio

Chief & Mo’Da are making a lot of noise with their new hot singles “Go Getta Walk” and "Built For War". The singles are from their forthcoming CD titled “Built For War” which is set to be released 2009-2010 on Independent Record label, “Go Getta Entertainment”. Chief a native of Cleveland, Ohio and Mo’Da a native of Houston, Texas joined forces after meeting while stationed in the military. Since leaving the military these Iraq war veterans have been taking the nation by storm. They are currently on a promotional tour across the USA. “Chief & Mo’Da’s song “Change The World” has been very well respected and accepted by Dj’s across the nation. “Change The World” was recently added to rotation by Dj J Slick in Tokyo, Japan and has been receiving great reviews from Dj’s from Greece to the United Kingdom.

Chief & Moda are two humble MC’s and are grateful for the support and love that they have been receiving from their peers and communities abroad. They have not forgotten about their fellow soldiers who did not make it home from battle and have agreed to donate through their label Go Getta Entertainment $1.00 per CD sold and 5 cents per digital download to the families of fallen soldiers.

Chief & MoDa can be seen on the Legends of Hip Hop tour sharing the stage with Hip Hop legends Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Too Short and Whoodini. They also held their own at the Playhouse Square - State Theater in Cleveland, Ohio with Legends Scarface & Geto Boys, EPMD, Sugarhill Gang and MC Lyte courtesy of legendary promoter Fred G of Fred G Entertainment.

Chief & MoDa’s music can be heard on and

"G3 Magazine Interview"

G3: What’s good fellas? Or should I say, What It Dew?
Chief: What Up Man?
Moda: You Know where I’m from we say “What It Dew?”
G3: Where are ya’ll from?
Chief: I ‘m from South Eastside of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mo’Da: I’m from the Northside of Houston, Texas.
G3: Moda, How did you hookup with Chief?
Mo’Da: I hooked up with Chief in Baghdad, Iraq while we were in the Army together.
G3: Real Talk?
Chief: Real talk, we were over in that Hell hole Side By Side. Just like we are on these streets.
Mo’Da: It feels good to be back on American soil Man! (Both Laughing)
That’s One of His lines from a verse he has on our song freedom (Explains Chief)
Chief: But real talk ,When we met over they’re I told him that I had been talking to my long time friend and former manager Harvey Lewis who managed me when I was in a group some years ago.I told Mo’Da that we were starting our own situation independent and he was with it. When we got back to the U.S. we were stationed
in Texas. Harve flew out to Texas and we recorded, mixed and mastered, pressed up, & independently released my first solo project called “Chief tha Go Getta” That was January 2006. Mo’Da joined the team along with a few others and we pushed that album.
Mo’Da: We was Banging them Boyz!!(Mo’Da Shouted)
G3: Chief tha Go Getta Hmmm, There’s a lot of people jumping on the Go Getta Band wagon since Young Jeezy released that single with R. Kelly. What do you all think about that.
Chief: Well like I told you earlier, we’ve been on this Go Getta Shit before their single came out. On the real, the first single on my album was called Go Getta. It was released a year and a half ahead of Jeezy’s. We actually gave Drama & Cannon a copy of our CD when were in Atl promoting my CD. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that he stepped on my toes or anything.It is what it is, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and I’ll keep it movin.
Mo’Da: We’re here to talk about Chief & Mo’Da(Da Go Gettas) could we do that.
G3: Let’s Do that. What is Chief & Mo’Da up to.
Moda: we’re in the studio completing our album,
Titled Top 2 da Bottom. We’re doing some promotional touring, and getting our first single “Go Getta Walk” out there.
Chief: We walkin to our money!(yells Chief).
G3: I had the chance to see ya’ll perform that “Go Getta Walk” It’s very catchy, who produced
Chief: I did!
G3: Oh yea? I didn’t know that you produce.
Chief: Naw, I’m just messing with you. 6ne produced
that track. He did quite a few tracks on our album. The chemistry between six and us is sick. Go Getta Walk was the first track we did together. Mo’Da produces also so we had a lot of influence on the production. (What up six!)
Mo’Da: That boy six had that flavor we needed to tie both of our styles together. He good folk too! I’ve noticed the way things are done and the way people act up here is different.
G3: Different in what way?
Mo’Da: well, you know I’ve been up here about 5 or 6 months, and from what I see there’s no unity. It’s like everybody out for self. There’s no support system in place. At home its like everybody
on the same page. The promoters, labels, rappers, dj’s, radio and the people. Don’t get it confused, its not all good all the time but, if there is a artist or a label that don’t like each other they don’t stop getting money together. We support our underground artist to the fullest
too. There’s artist that most people up here never heard of that has more money than most artist that has a major deal. The club Dj’s break new records all the time and pretty much dictate
what the radio will play. Up here it seems like the radio dictates what the dj’s will play. I think its more political.
Chief: I feel a change is coming!! The love we have been receiving out in these streets is crazy.
People need to wake up in the land, I mean this has been dubbed the poorest big city in the nation 2 years in a row. There’s a reason for that. It’s time to drop that crab in the bucket mentality
and get your paper right. That’s what we’re on either you gon roll with us or get rolled over.
G3: So, when can we expect the album to be released and what can we expect from it?
Chief: The album is set to be released soon. The "Built For War" album has something
on it for everybody. Songs that will make you party, get crunk, fight, hug, or just make you look at yourself and step your game up.
Mo’Da: 100% Real Shit
G3: Are there any other projects in the works?
Chief: yea, we have that Go Getta Entertainment
compilation album coming. Were working on the script for a movie.
MoDa: We have a lot going on for 07’ We just doing what Go Gettas Do!
G3: I really appreciated hanging out and talking
to ya’ll. Do ya’ll have any shoutouts for any one?
C&M: Our Go Getta Ent. Family, Harve(ceo),our team G3 mag., Mimi Cartier (Atl), Jacqueline E. Price(Baltimore), A. Streets(Cali.), 6ne, Nate and Rulership Ent.,Bam, Certified Hustlas. Real street promotions (Atl) Damon Shields(Houston) everyone that has had a hand on our project one way or another and Young Sup. Sup What up!! Get at us. To all our soldiers overseas Stay focused you’re in our thoughts and prayers. - G3 MAGAZINE


The album, "BUILT FOR WAR" with the heavy-hitting singles "GO GETTA WALK" & "BUILT FOR WAR" is set to be released 2010.




The #1 global threat to the entertainment and music industry was thought to be piracy, digital downloads, and corporate intervention. The #1 threat was FOUND to be those Go Gettas: Scott Jacobs and Aaron Britten, an unstoppable entertainment force known as Chief and Mo'Da. These two soldiers are home from Iraq to claim their place in the war amongst hip-hop's elite. Since being a soldier AND being at war is in Chief and Mo'Da's blood there should be no doubt in your mind who will win THIS war.
Chief and Mo'Da has joined forces from a military background to give the music industry a taste of two worlds: the North and the South. With no prior knowledge of one another these young men met during a poetry contest on the military base where they both served. Brought together for what they thought would be the sole purpose of preserving and protecting a way of life something else came about. They found purpose in themselves, purpose in each other, and the greatest perspective of what it meant not only to be patriots, but musicians too.

Scott Jacobs, known in the rap world as Chief, because of being a self-proclaimed leader, represents the North. His gritty, thought-invoking & melodic flow gained its texture in the streets of Cleveland, Ohio where his first solo album was released. Chief: Da Go Getta hit stores in 2006 and sold several thousand units through Go Getta Entertainment, an independent record label in which Chief and Mo'Da are signed to. On this album Chief addresses knowledgeably certain issues from the war in Iraq, HIV's effect on the hood, single- moms and other contentious topics. The fact that he holds a bachelor's degree in psychology assists in some of those chosen topics.
Mo'Da produced, was featured on, and helped to distribute this solo project, in which the majority of the units were sold in Texas, where they were stationed in the Army.
Mo'Da, born Aaron Britten, hails from Houston, Texas. His Texas twist is whimsical, smooth and laid back. It commands attention over any beat and is just the right compliment for Chief's controversial side. Mo'Da, whose name means (style in Spanish) is just that....a crafty free-styler who has had a love for hip hop since an early age. He fostered this love by competing in and winning freestyling competitions around Houston, Texas.
Chief and Mo'Da have performed on various tours with artists such as Young Buck, Young Joc and Gucci Mane and also the Legends of Hip Hop Tour. Chief & Mo'Da also participated in a 14 city tour sponsored by Burger King. Besides performing at hip-hop concerts, the guys have participated in family-oriented events such as The UniverSoul Circus. Their dedication to family and children rank number 1 on their list of priorities because they know that serving THEIR country means serving OUR future. Chief & Mo’Da has decided to donate $1.00 per CD sold from their highly anticipated CD titled “Built For War” to the Families Of Fallen soldiers.

Chief and Mo'Da are two seasoned veterans ready to be two seasoned entertainers. They deliver an unparalleled and exhilarating stage show with such an amazing energy and thirst for music. Coupled with their undeniable on-stage chemistry and passion for performing these two can definitely "move the crowd'. 'With Chief and Mo'Da you don't just get a get an experience.
Chief and MoDa credit the military with teaching them LEADERSHIP: L.oyalty, D.uty, R.espect, S.elfless S.ervice, I.ntegrity, & P.ersonal courage along with discipline from being soldiers. This is reflected in their lives and in the diversity of their music. Their songs not only touch the hearts and souls of the working class, but it delves deep into the streets of the United States and deeper into the soils of Iraq.
You've met the artists' that TALK about the war in the streets.....Now it's time to meet the artists that FOUGHT the war in the streets.

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