Chief Rival

Chief Rival


With triumphant progression and cinematic breadth of sound, Chief Rival's unique instrumentation, Western-inspired ambience, and sparse vocals are sure to inspire thoughts of the glorious moments in life.


Post Western. It spawned from a solitary drive down a sprawling Texas highway. The repeated desire to glance out the window and see a pioneer on horseback, galloping to the farthest reaches of a vast and unknown land, the dangers of adventure impeding upon his every move. Epic. The sensation you receive as you reach the summit of a mountain and looking out above the jutting pines and rocky crags below, the sky opens before you, and from it, a glorious explosion of sound. Cinematic. It is not unlikely for a lonely ambience of acoustic picking and wandering, reverb-soaked guitar to burst into a triumphant progression, as the movements correlate more to an image than a preexisting structure. Much like their influential figures, Chief Rival carves the trail for new form of music. As pioneers of sound, the band of four shows us that there is more to music than written melodies.


Chief Rival EP (Jan 2009).
We will be playing live on 101X's Homegrown Live series in November.

Set List

Our sets usually run about 45 minutes.