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Originally from Michigan, by the way of ATL, Chiiirp is one of the greatest FEMALE RAPPERS today.
All it takes is one listen and she will wow you.

P.S. The fans and supporters love it

P.P.S She doesn't rap about what most females are rapping about today. No sex involved. Just good times and day to day issues WITH VERY POWERFUL messages.




*This Will Drop Or Flop


*Betta Have My Money (2012)
*Ride N Chill (2012)
*What A Day (2012)
*Elevator Music (2012)
*Way 2 Gone (2012)


*California Music
*This Song Is Chill
*California Music
*Smoking Vapors
*Dollar In A Day
*Space Invaders
*Shoutout TO My Set
*Video Game
*Wake Up Call
*The Morning Session
*Two Stories