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Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE

Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE
Band EDM Singer/Songwriter



The best kept secret in music


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Official Releases:
"Chikan / Ariel Kill Him" split 7" (Circle Around A Circle, 2002)
"Cops and Crooks in Your Head" CD, (Circle Around A Circle, 2006)
- Baseball Bat Persuasive recieved long and frequent exposure on national TV commercial spot.
"I Like You Better (When You're Drunk)" (EP, Circle Around A Circle, 2011)

Yeah Yeah Gefle IF (Bilda, 2005)
I Love Gävle (Diet Records, 2006)
Boomtown Loves Sweden (Boomtown, 2011)



Standing with one foot in the dark woods of Dalarna, Sweden whilst dipping the toes of the other one in the Baltic Sea and the gateway to the Northern parts of the country, Petter Söderberg alias Chikan, is using both hands to hammer all day long in his musical carpentry.

Söderberg's previous indie/posthardcore outfit Amical toured Europe frequently and shared bills with acts such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, Blood Brothers and Brandtson and recieved attention on Swedish national radio P3.

The music of Chikan has since gained followers through a strong live performance, a characteristic voice and lyrics of multilayered relevance displayed on several tours around Europe. Chikan's new song "I Like You Better (When Your Drunk)", already prior to its release, received attention from radio stations in Germany (where it was listed for several months on the very acknowledged station Motor FM during the the time Söderberg lived and made music in Berlin), Sweden aswell as college radio in the States.

The track "Baseball Bat Persuasive" from the debut album "Cops and Crooks in Your Head" was before that featured in a television commercial that run on national TV for 2 years.

Chikan has shared stages with acts like: The Radio Dpt, Kevin Devine and Tiger Lou and last year Chikan was on the well renowned German music Festival MELT!

All senses open to dress the creations in observations, experiences and semantics.

Gaining followers through a strong live performance, a characteristic voice and lyrics of multilayered relevance.

It's hard to sort Chikan into merely one existing genre due to a willingness to try out new tools and techniques. You've heard and seen Chikan as a loud, full scale rock band, as an electro act providing the radio with alcohol-related drama. And many times has he taken on an audience armed with nothing but Canadian wood and some stories that desperately needed to be told.

2011-03-26 Mora, S:t Mikaelsskolan

2011-02-11 Göteborg, Kontiki

2010-12-16 Borlänge, Boomtown

2010-11-10 Gävle, Spegeln w/ Britta Persson

2010-10-22 Berlin (Ger), Arcanoa w/ Chimneyheart

2010-08-21 Berlin (Ger), The Establishment

2010-08-19 Berlin (Ger), 7tsd. Kreuzberg w/ Chimneyheart

2010-08-06 Berlin (Ger), Magnet w/ The Radio Dpt

2010-07-29 Berlin (Ger), Schokoladen w/ Björn Kleinhenz

2010-07-16 MELT! FESTIVAL (Ger)

2010-07-10 Berlin (Ger), Art Gerecht w/ Chimneyheart

2010-07-08 Berlin (Ger), Duncker w/ Chimneyheart

2010-06-11 Göteborg, Mitt Andra Hem w/The Preacher & the Bear

2010-05-22 Stockholm, Debaser Medis w/ Sic Alps & Dinosaurs Are Still Alive

2010-05-08 Gävle, Konstcentrum w/Twiggy Frostbite

2010-04-23 Gävle, Lättings w/ Anna Frank

2010-02-14 Bremen (Ger), Wohnzimmer

2010-02-14 Bremen (Ger), Altes Fundamt, Cake & Tunes

2010-02-12 Hamburg (Ger), Hasenschaukel

2010-01-26 Berlin (Ger), Madame Claude w/ Chimneyheart

2009-12-13 Berlin (Ger), Privatclub w/ Kevin Devine

2009-10-31 Berlin (Ger), KvU w/ Smash It Up

2009-10-20 Görlitz (Ger), Stille Post Club w/ Björn Kleinhenz

2009-08-27 Berlin (Ger), Soupanova

2009-07-28 Berlin (Ger), Madame Claude

2009-05-30 Berlin (Ger), Lovelite

2009-05-26 Berlin (Ger), Intersoap w/ Euphoria and the Lazy Boy, Winter Took His Life, Tvärvägen & Hajen

2009-05-22 Berlin (Ger), NBI

2009-05-21 Berlin (Ger), Yuma Bar

2009-05-17 Leipzig (Ger), Kultiviert Anders! w/ Euphoria and the Lazy Boy, Winter Took His Life, Tvärvägen & Hajen

2009-02-15 Berlin (Ger), Schokoladen

2009-01-15 Berlin (Ger), Schokoladen w/ Ned Collette

2008-12-13 Magdeburg (Ger), Project 7 w/ Tiger Lou & Firefox AK

2008-04-30 Göteborg, Kontiki w/ Ida Redig

2008-04-04 Hamburg (Ger), Indra

2008-04-04 Hamburg (Ger), Yoome TV

2008-04-03 Bremen (Ger), Urlaub w/ Chelsy

2008-04-02 Solingen-Wald (Ger), Waldmeister w/ Chelsy

2008-03-30 Wuppertal (Ger), Beatz und Kekse w/ Videoclub

2008-03-29 Münster (Ger), Amp w/ Chelsy

2008-03-28 Enschede (NL), Molly Malone w/ Chelsy

2008-03-27 Oldenburg (Ger), Polyester w/ Chelsy

2008-03-08 Göteborg, Prebendegatan

2008-03-05 Göteborg, Go Ahead/The Camp @ Sticky Fingers

2007-12-08 Gävle, Spegeln

2007-11-03 Göteborg, Vedfesten w/ Sicken Skuta & The Eyeshades

2007-06-10 Wuppertal (Ger), Beatz und Kekse w/ The Sodapop Diaries

2007-06-09 Mülheim (Ger), KMH w/ Chelsy

2007-06-08 Lingen (Ger), Rock am Dom

2007-06-04 Göteborg, Klubb Sunkpop w/ Cape Farewell & Think-Box

2007-06-02 Uppsala, Ungdomens Hus w/ Cape Farewell

2007-05-31 Gävle, Klubb Sunkpop w/ Cape Farewell & Hillnor

2007-05-26 Gävle, Art Garden

2006-08-26 Schwerin (Ger), Zeppelin

2006-08-25 Döbeln (Ger), Café Courage

2006-08-23 Chemnitz (Ger), Subway to Peter

2006-08-22 Limburg (Ger), Benni´s

2006-08-21 Frankfurt (Ger), Das Bett

2006-08-20 Mülheim (Ger), KMH

2006-08-19 Münster (Ger), Fieber Tanzparty

2006-08-18 Halle (Ger), Objekt 5

2006-08-17 Berlin