Multi-Dimensional Pop Artist/Performer/Writer whose remarkable will has taken her from performing her shows in the streets of Boston, to Auditoriums and then opening for Top Billboard Artists. Her single '1 U Luv' is a testament to her ability to take her urban roots and make a fun catchy pop tune.


Chiki first made a name for herself in Boston at a young age for writing, directing and producing original musicals combining pop music with Musical theater. This is not an easy feat for anyone but Chiki sees her work as a way to bridge the gap for understanding the world through her urban point of view. After she became known for a creative talent, she was asked to join 'girl bands' in the area. Learning quickly that she was not the typical female pop singer, she once again fell in love with the creative process and writing music, always wanting to experiment with new sounds. She worked with the most sought after producers in the area to develop her unique sound. Taking every offer for shows, work and appearances, she performed at even some of the shadiest venues. Within a year, she had earned many positive press reviews, a fan base and was invited to open for top Billboard Recording artists. Her debut single is a true testament to her will. Through it all, she remains upbeat and positive, remembering that the '1 U Luv' is the most important thing in life. coming soon. All rights reserved 2008


Single, '1 U Luv'

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