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"Pop Is Edgey Again"

Intended Audience: Those interested in Pop/Electronic Music
Recording Artist “Chiki” landed at the Southbridge Knights of Columbus On May 4, 2007 to deliver “EclectroSonic” performance. she opened the dance party held as a fundraiser by the “Rosemary’s Wish” Relay for Life team to benefit the 20th year anniversary of the American Cancer Society. With Chiki on vocals and Femm-Bottikka on backup dance performance, they had everyone in the crowd of all ages dancing in and out of their seats.
The event was a success. The crowd loved Chiki’s energy and edgy charisma. Her impeccable vocals and dance moves, choreographed by the area’s hottest choreographer, Heather Camello, create a must see performance.
Chiki may be new to your ears, but she is not new to the music industry. Inspired by music greats such as Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Prince, and Janice Joplin, she wrote her first song at 8 years old. She continued to show her passion for music in choral groups and talent shows. With her added 10 years of dance study, she was granted the lead roles in many local plays and musicals. At the age of 17, she even wrote and directed an original full-length musical called “Chill on Broadway,” which combined hip-hop music and dance with Broadway music. All of her music experience has led her to team up with Producers, Marcus Rap and Anthony J. Resta, to combine Rock. Pop, New Wave, and Electro-Dance into her album “EclectroSonic Invasion,” to be released in the forthcoming months. The combination of catchy pop hooks and lyrics surely create an album that you will hear everyone singing along to on their ipods.
As her career begins to take off, she has not forgotten about her community. Chiki volunteered and founded a citywide youth-theatre program and was later honored by the city’s Mayor for her creativity and positive growth. Her eagerness to help others has not changed. She jumped at the opportunity to join established band Doctor Roberts to help raise money for the cause. Relay for Life, is an over-night walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. After the delivering her energized performance, Chiki humbly states, “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a great event. It’s an honor.” Chiki signed autographs that night with “Blue Kisses, From Chiki”. Don’t get left behind as her rocket ship takes off! It’s a trip you don’t want to miss!! Chiki is headlining next at the Abbey Lounge in Somerville, MA on June 7, 2007; check out her sites for details! “Get stung” by Chiki at her website and check out her myspace for music samples at
Rosemary’s Wish, Relay for Life team online at
- Music Dish online

"Boston Music Scene Chooses Chiki"

Recording Artist CHIKI Chosen by Boston Music Scene
IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Today is June 20, 2007

This week, Boston based recording artist Chiki’s music is chosen by Boston Music Scene as the featured song of the week. Her song “Never Look Down” fuses jazz and rock with latin beats and infectious lyrics. In fact her album brings us a new genre of music called “EclectroSonic.” Chiki’s Album EclectroSonic Invasion is expected to be available to the public in the next few months. Catch her live all summer. Visit her on myspace at and On myspace you can listen for free without an account and view her many amazing photos on!
- Lisa Fire/Freelance


Too Much Funn (Summer, 2007)



Warning: Highly Contagious "Radio-active" Material!!! Word is out and recording artist Chiki is INFECTIOUS! The EclectroSonic Experience is a little bit Rock, a little bit pop, A little bit Goth and A LOT OF EDGE. Now try to imagine all that and your own journey through Space! Chiki's MUST see live performances showcase Chiki's standout vocals and shining charisma. Dancers Femm-Bottikka showcase technique matched with "hotness"! Directed by the area's most sought out choreographer, Heather Camello, the show is full of imagery and energy. It will NOT disappoint! Get the girls, get the boys, get your hunny and "GET STUNG"!

Where did she come from and who is Chiki? As one of the creators of the new genre, EclectroSonic, she fuses together Rock, Pop, New Wave, Electro-Dance, imagery, and edge. Having teamed up with Industry credible Producers such as Marcus Rap and Anthony J. Resta, she has combined melodious hooks with catchy lyrics. The result of this innovative team is the birth of a new generation of music. Recording artist Chiki is a visionary with a charisma that shines through her music and performances. Everyone that meets Chiki is inspired by her energy and spunk! Growing up in a city five minutes outside of Boston, Chiki has urban roots. Born into a very musical family, Chiki began writing her own original songs when she was eight and trained in dance formally for ten years. At the age of 17, she wrote and directed an original full-length musical called ‘Chill On Broadway’; uniquely combining Broadway music with hip-hop and dance concepts. Chiki is always involved in her community. Her debut album EclectroSonic Invasion showcases her contagious spirit and perfectionism. Now that Chiki has invaded earth, we're not going to give her back! FOR Bookings Contact our promotions department at: Photos By TK Expressions. Album Design and official Chiki website designed by Erin Abrams. Art and conceptual work by Laura Gates. All items, concepts and Lydia Bee are owned and trademarked by Intervention Records. All rights reserved 2007