Child Bite

Child Bite


The true lords of albino soul; aka your all-time favorite SKRONK records via Jackson Pollocks worst (best?) banana induced rock and roll nightmare.


Like any good mythological monstrosity, the formation of the band known as Child Bite is rife with its own truths, half-truths and flat-out lies. Did the idea for the band arrive to the members' brains via a surprise bolt of lightning thrown by Zeus himself? Were they kidnapped by the ghost of Pere Ubu's long-dead guitarist Peter Laughner, and convinced to carry out his bidding? Did singer/guitarist/keyboardist Shawn Knight leave his former band New Grenada and call up fellow musicians drummer-Danny Sperry-and-bassist-Zach-Norton-of-the-band-El Boxeo to form a new band, where in which Knight would set up a microphone whilst the boys randomly jammed, then upload said jams to his computer, cut and paste the parts into actual songs, add vocals and keyboard parts, then relearn them as if they were cover songs of their own fucking band? FUCK!

One, if not all of these theories, is correct. We'll go with the last one, and call it "the truth." As it is now known as "the truth," the Child Bite story does not simply end there. As with most entities that are evolving, Child Bite's mutation from a three-piece jam-project to its current incarnation as a full-blown five-piece aural assault squad can be likened to the period in history where the dinosaurs were going extinct. See, just as those giant reptiles were forced to grow wings, fins, and other such attributes, Child Bite has morphed (kind of the like the faces in Michael Jackson's video for "Black or White") with each release, in order to surviiiiiiiiiiiiive, maaaaaan.

First came the LP "Wild Feast," (released on Suburban Sprawl in 2006) where Sperry, Norton and Knight took their pieced-together songs, fleshed them out, turned them into real songs, and set about recording them for posterity. Next, the band added nimble, purple-bass-playing bassist Sean Clancy (formerly of road warriors Rescue) to the fold. He contributed some to Child Bite's split with the band Stationary Odyssey, called "Physical Education" (released on Joyful Noise in 2007), but became an integral part of the process by playing bass on all of their next release, the Joyful Noise/Suburban Sprawl co-issued "Gold Thriller" EP (Norton switched over to second guitar, where he continues to slay to this day). The band's open door policy (which has seen contributions from auxiliary guitarists and vocalists to percussionists wearing giant eyeball and bear masks) remained just that: open. After touring on and off to promote all of their releases, the band added saxophonist/vocalist Christian Doble (of Kiddo) as an official fifth member, adding a free-jazz meets Roxy Music-esque flavor to their already established brand of frantic rock.

Indeed, with a five-piece line-up now solidified, and their newest album "Fantastic Gusts of Blood" set to drop, the Child Bite-dinosaur has finally grown wings, and will likely be flying to a town near you to wreak havoc, much like the climatic scene in the second Jurassic Park movie, when the T-Rex destroys New York City (except with wings, of course).


"Fantastic Gusts of Blood" CDLP (2008 - Suburban Sprawl Music)
"Exquisite Luxury" Remix/Multimedia CDEP (2008 - Suburban Sprawl Music)
"Gold Thriller" CDEP (2007 - Suburban Sprawl Music/Joyful Noise)
"Physical Education" Split CDEP/Single (2007 - Joyful Noise)
"Wild Feast" CDLP (2006 - Suburban Sprawl Music)

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Set List

All originals, homie and the generally go something like this:

Never-ending Mountain Slammer
Ape Along
Muscle Chalet
100 Eyes
Good Arm Getter
Jewels Rules
I Like Friends
Venom Bowl, Kids Guts
Banana Gorgon
From The 1800s
Do The Physical
Double Wildcat