New York City, New York, USA

An epic power trio comprised of keyboards, drums, and guitar, CHILDE’s heroic music can make a backwoods watering hole feel like Wimbley Stadium. Think Yes and Mahavishnu Orchestra colliding with Sigur Ros, Radiohead and Arcade Fire in a synthed out daydream.


Some may say that by the sheer sound of their music, Brooklyn based trio - CHILDE - was born out of the side of a dragon's fiery head or perhaps the hairy gut of a bearded gypsy. But reality has proven that the strangely heroic and poetic rock of this new band stems from the wit and spit of their hard work. CHILDE has sprouted a surprising new sound - something earth shattering and soul satisfying - a solid sense of proportion and passion amidst the vagueness of music in our culturally over-saturated contemporanea. This is the real deal. A fiery blend of stoned-out punk rock and psychedelia with a pop sensibility to make any music lover feel like they are on the edge of a great vastness with no strings attached. The sound of CHILDE is the art of the apocalypse - the soundtrack of the atomic bomb.

In January 2010, CHILDE will officially release their new EP appropriately called, "Magnificent Festival". The six songs where meticulously crafted at CHILDE's hero laboratory in Brooklyn over the summer and fall of '09. Recorded at a remote cabin in New Hampshire and in downtown Brooklyn, this album represents a period in the band where anything is possible and everything is pushed to the extreme.

CHILDE was handpicked to appear at the Midpoint, Meany and High Tide Music Festivals in 2009 and has headlined NYC gigs at Sullivan Hall, Public Assembly, Luna Lounge, Union Hall, Galapagos and Fontana’s. They have toured throughout the east coast and midwest.


2008 - CHILDE EP
2010 - Magnificent Festival

Set List

We play 22nd century music of our own design and work to create exciting and original performances often incorporating video, dance and imaginative surprises tailored to the specific event and audience.
Sets can last anywhere from 45 min to 2 hours and we are comfortable playing 2 sets in an evening.