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Name: Scott Burgess
The visitor commented:
I had the pleasure of watching you yesterday @ the PBC church in Palo Alto. I've been struggling w/addictions for over 30 years, this last year though the worst. Your song broken pieces and your prayer after that song truly moved me, darn near enough to tears that I had to leave shortly after so as not to embarrass myself...Thank You, you've moved what I had surly thought was a dead soul...perhaps there is hope for me, now. Warmest Regards, Scott
Joseph D Hinol/NEW LIFE CHURCH in Alamo 2010
This is from the father of the young woman I introduced to Denise after CR tonight. Thank you all for coming to New Life Church in Alamo. Last night my wife and I stayed up until 5am this morning. Our Daughter had run away from home and ha...d finally come back. We were a family in serious crisis and I was wondering if Jesus still loved my family as it seemed we had lost our connection to our daughter and my wife is a firm Believer in Jesus Christ. ...Why would Jesus allow this to happen?
My wife had gotten physically sick, due to the stress of the past week but we convinced our daughter to come CR to see if there was some way Jesus could break through to our daughters heart and repair our relationship. She sat through the first few songs, seemingly unfazed by the presense of God during the Concert tonight before she went to go sit in the car.

When Denise gave her testimony, I really felt like Jesus wanted me to get her and my daughter connected. What a blessing! Not only was God able to use Denise to minister to my daughter, but also gave our daughter a friend, a positive influence in her life that knows how to relate to our daugher and share Gods love with her. The people in this band ARE THE REAL DEAL! They really are ministers first and great musicians second.

May Jesus REALLY BLESS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Jesus was right on time when he sent Child of Mercy to Alamo tonight. THANK YOU THANK YOU THAK YOU for being willing vessels allowing the Holy Spirit to use you.

I know my family has alot of hard work and healing ahead, but tonight my beautiful daughter is sleeping in her own bed.

"You and your band put on a really good performance last night--pretty seemed to be
having so much fun up there, happy and free. I would love to see you put out a single on "Broken Pieces", I'm sure it would touch a lot of real Christians who have been down that path. Yours and Bree's music/songs that are written from personal life experiences are powerful. Thank you for risking and sharing who you are.

-hugs, Heidi
David Maynard wrote at 11:02pm:
I was so amazed last night listening to Child Of Mercy. I was very impressed and proud of Russell, he has taken his bass playing to the next level and has awesome tone. Russell still has his cool signature bass slides and has incorporated new cool riffs that fit the songs perfectly. Denise, you are a powerful soul that sings with intense passion that made alot of jaws drop with some of your original, sweet heavenly sounding melodies. I loved all your melodies but my favorite was the melodies you did in the duet, lay your hands on me.

Anyone that see's Child Of Mercy will not be disappointed. The songs would fit perfectly while watching a video of the sun rising, water falls, Mountains covered with snow and all of Gods creations. It was great how you and Russell spent time with everyone before and after the show and were so nice to everyone.
I bought your CD about a month ago at the FCC Recovery Night and I think the music is fabulous! I enjoy it more and more each time I play it! I thank the lord for such awesome Christian music groups such as yours! Thank you all for lifting me up with your joyful songs of praise and worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

~Kevin Dattolico
Great job last night! You were on fire!! It was some of the best I've heard from you!!! Your music truly touched me last night. you have truly been given such a gift from God.

-Stefany Amber Nordin
Band has great chemistry!
By Chris Gillooly

A friend of mine purchased this cd for me and I'm glad she did. I found the songs on this cd inspirational and the band blends beautifully with each other. Hopefully, I'll get to see them live! An overall wonderful cd and if you need an emotional lift buy it! Next best thing from going to church.

Simply put? AMAZING!!
By Leilani Orate

When I first got the CD, I anxiously ripped the plastic cover off and popped it in my CD player. The first song, "You Are" is a wonderfully upbeat song with catchy lyrics and it compels you to tap your feet to its beat. My favorite, "Narrow Road", is haunting and brought back memories of the struggles of my life and moved me to tears. This CD is AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL. I have already bought several CD's to ship off to my friends. THis CD has made me BELIEVE again.
Allion Mansfield: “You and your band were awesome! looking forward to Spirit west coast and thanks for the testimony touching and God Bless!!!”
Rick Simek: Truly tremendous time last Friday! Between the music and your truly tragic, yet hope-filled, testimony; God truly WAS glorified! Thanks again for coming.
Dave Hopkins (Pastor of Shoreline Community Church, Monterey) “Thank you guys (child of mercy) for your outstanding worship this evening! and most of all thank you for your truly transparent inspiring testimony of hope..I will be praying for your Lovely family, your powerful ministry and I look forward to crossing paths again soon! dave
Yasha Truxton: "Hey Denise, I’m listing to your cd right now, so far I love it, your songs are amazing!
God bless!"
Linda M Bernal: “ Your song Broken Pieces so touched my heart!! Our God is so good to us!! and you are one of his blessings! God Bless you, Linda {Susanville Celebrate Recovery}Thank you”
Barbara Beilin-Rhoads: “Denise was AWESOME last night~ excited my daughter gets to hear her testimony today!”
Mary Olds: “Your band is awesome I love what you stand for!!!!
Rachel Laughton: “ Denise!!!! Your interview was amazing! You were so elegant and natural. I loved "seeing" your heart and hearing your testimony of what God has done in your life. I'm SO SO SO proud of you sister. It's GOD's testimony....He will do it all through your willing heart. You are the real thing! I love you.”
Chay Travis Leonardo: “ woooooo hoooooooo sweet story! congrats and it’s great to see your hard work is being shown around the world! You are letting God do amazing things in your life and it’s so cool to see.”
David Maynard: “Wow! Powerful! You’re probably the most passionate person I ever met in my life. It’s manifested in your music, testimony, the love you have for Jesus, family, friends, etc.. Congrats for finding your calling and excelling at it.”
Judy Birmingham: “Denise, it was wonderful to hear your story. I had not heard it before. God Bless you for having the courage to tell so many people on TV.”
Tiffany Cabrera: “Hey Denise and crew. What a blessing to have u guys lead our worship at Venture last weekend. I guess I’m your newest fan. The kids enjoy your music too. What an amazing story you have. More of us need to "let it go" and let God work in our lives. Thank you for sharing your gift. Much love. In God's grace always-Tiffany.”
John Todd: “Denise, Russ and the rest of Child of Mercy: This was by far one of the best worship services at Venture for some time. Thanks for allowing the Lord to work through you to bless us.”
Venture Christian Church: “Enjoying some wonderful worship by Child of Mercy right now! :) Thanks guys!”
Suzanne Lorente: “Hi Denise, I'm so proud of you! What a wonderful video on CBN. You have such a great story to tell, and you have done it so well. God bless you!”
Megan Reedy Viskovich: “Wow!! You did an amazing job sharing your story Denise. So transparent and so moving - LOVED it!!!!”
Doug Wilmerton: “Saw you guys at CityTeam last night, Awesome!!! Denise thank you for that amazing testimony. Very powerful how God has worked and continues to work in your life.
Joey Coray, Worship Pastor Crossroads Bible Church: Hey Denise... It was really good to have you as well! We’ve had a few people come in a lead worship that kinda left a celebrity taste in our mouth, but you all were so humble and down to earth. It was a breath of fresh air to have such real people come in and minister. It was great getting to know you all. I look forward to having you back. Thanks, Joey = )
Douglas and Monette Campbell (New Song Church Church in Oceanside, Ca.)
It was awesome to have you guys sing in our Celebrate Recovery Night. Everyone enjoyed the music and your awesome testimony. You inspired us. God is so great. He is going to use you guys in a mighty way to reach out more people to know God. We look forward in having you guys again. I pray that God will stretch you more in having Faith in Him. God bless you and your ministry. Douglas and Monette

- Scott Burgess

"Songwriting review from industry professionals"

Songwriting review for "So Amazed" by Denise Bridges & Tina Parrott.

"Two of the singer songwriters that I love are Rita Springer and Laura Woodley-and this song reminds me so much of them. It's a great balance of embracing some structure, whilst not losing the prophetic edge and keeping a kind of spontaneous song feel about it. I like that it stays true to the theme lyrically. Well done."

Review at Mt. Hermon in August, 2008. - Joy Williams, Reggie Coats, Mia Fields (songwriter for Hillsong), etc...

""You Are" song of the year monthly finalist"

Congratulations Child of Mercy! Your song titled "You Are" has now made it to the first round of the top five songs for the month of December of the 2007 King Cat Music Songwriting Contest! Your family and friends can vote for your song by going to, click on
"Vote Here", then click on "December" and follow the instructions. They have until February 14th, 2008 to vote. Hope the best for your song!

God bless,
Carolyn Bolinger
King Cat Music Songwriter Coordinator

- King Cat Music Songwriting Contest

"Quickstar Productions"

I heard you song, "Narrow Road" and I am very impressed with it. We are currently working on a benefit compilation CD titled “United By Grace”. It will feature like sounding Christian artists from the Maryland scene. I believe that your song would be a perfect fit on this project and I would be honored to have you take part.

Brenden Bosmans
Quickstar Productions
- Brenden Bosmans

"Child of Mercy nominated for "Artist of the year""

Child of Mercy Nominated for
"Artist of the year"
IndieHeaven’s Momentum Awards

San Jose, CA January 3, 2008 –, the leading organization supporting Independent artists in Christian music, is pleased to announce that Child of Mercy has been nominated as “Artist of the year" in the 3rd annual "Momentum Awards". This prestigious award will be handed out at the upcoming IndieHeaven CIA Summit2008 conference March 29, 2008.

IndieHeaven founder and CIA Summit director Keith Mohr states, "It's important to recognize and applaud the efforts made in recent years by artists who are independent. By providing them the recognition they have earned, we hope to increase their platform and awareness. There are many independent artists who are doing an incredible job with their music and most importantly their mission. We look forward to the awards being a part of our annual artist’s conference." Visit for more information about the Christian Independent Alliance Summit.

“The music and writing style of Indieheaven artist Child of Mercy has proven to be something that moves people with lyrics and themes that cut right to the heart." As contemporary Christian artists they are passionate about revealing God’s love and mercy through music and testimony. Denise Bridges, singer/songwriter and founder of the band states, “I am overwhelmed when I think about the amazing love and mercy God has shown me in my own life. I want people to know that no matter what they have done, or where they might be, God is a God of new beginnings.” Being a fairly new band, they’ve already made a mark in the Christian independent artist arena with their 5 song EP released in 2006 entitled “The Narrow Road.” The first song on the EP,"You Are" received recognition at the 2006 International Songwriting Competition and a record company chose the song to be part of a compilation Cd that will be sold nationally. In addition, Performer Magazine showed an interest and wants to do some editorial coverage for their San Fransisco based magazine. Their music can be heard all over the country on several different radio stations.

2008 holds numerous opportunities as Denise teams up with other Christian artists from the bay area to work on new material with a slightly different sound and feel. Her new band will debut at Koinonia Koffeehouse in Campbell on Friday, February 29, 2008.

To register your vote for Child of Mercy as the Artist of the year in this year’s Momentum awards, please visit {}

To contact Child of Mercy:
CoM ministries (408) 313-8446
Electronic Press Kit:
Indieheaven Profile:
- Keith Mohr/Founder of Indieheaven

"Recommendation letter from LGCC worship/creative arts pastor"

July 19, 2006

Denise Bridges and Child of Mercy

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Steve Jones, and I am the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts at Los Gatos Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. I am responsible for the music at LGCC, and I give direction or oversight to many choirs and small groups, including Child of Mercy.

My purpose in writing is to recommend Child of Mercy and its leader, Denise Bridges, for future recordings and ministry performances outside LGCC.

I’ve observed this group in many settings:
--Presenting original material in Sunday services;
--Leading worship at Celebrate Recovery and at LGCC;
--Doing evangelistic concerts at the County Fair and other venues;
--And rehearsing and recording a custom album.

And I can attest that they have been very effective in each of these situations. Response to Child of Mercy’s music has been extremely positive—for these reasons:

1. Denise, along with the group, has a deep burden for the lost, born out of her own experiences as a long-time seeker. She displays this burden through her ongoing ministry to our youth drama group, Sword, as well as her writing for Child of Mercy. Her commitment for evangelism is obvious in her original scripts as well as her song lyrics.

2. Child of Mercy is committed to ministry rather than performance. Their Mission Statement makes it clear that the group seeks to deliver a life-changing message, not to give performances…to lead its listeners into revival, not to entertain.

3. The songs of Child of Mercy are appealing and marketable. People of all ages enjoy the songs written by Denise and the group, featuring tuneful melodies and honest, heartfelt lyrics.

4. The sound of Child of Mercy is fresh, yet comfortable. This group doesn’t sound like a knock-off of any other band, yet Denise’s vocals and Tim’s guitar lines and energetic arrangements have a ring of familiarity about them.

In my opinion, Child of Mercy deserves success in ministry because their attitudes are right and their motives pure. And they deserve commercial success because of their talent and willingness to work hard at their craft.

I urge you to consider Child of Mercy for recordings, concerts, and worship leading opportunities. I would be happy to give further information on request. Thank you.

Steve Jones, Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts 408.997.4665
Los Gatos Christian Church
16845 Hicks Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032
- Steve Jones/Worship Pastor of Los Gatos Christian Church

"International Songwriting Competition"

Dear Denise,

We are pleased to inform you that the song "You Are," entered into the Gospel/Christian category, has advanced to the next round of judging for the 2006 International Songwriting Competition. Please read all of the information below thoroughly.

Congratulations on this achievement. With over 14,000 songs entered into ISC 2006, making it this far along in the competition is a great accomplishment and a testament to your songwriting talent. This is the only round of judging before the semi-finals.

Feel free to tell others the good news about your song! When publicizing your achievement, you may mention that your song has "advanced to the next round of judging in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition."

Best wishes for a healthy and successful New Year.
International Songwriting Competition
1307 Eastland Ave
Nashville, TN 37206
phone: 615.251.4441

"Roo Records"

Hey guys
Loved it!! Thanks for submitting, we are honored to have you be a part of the project! - Daniel James "Music to live by" compilation Cd

"Recommendation letter from SCR Television/Outreach Pastor"

Dear Fellow Pastor,

Santa Cruz County has been impacted by Denise Bridges and her heart and gratitude for Jesus.
In the last year, Denise and her worship team have partnered with Santa Cruz Revival.

Denise participated with passion as we hosted several outdoor evangelistic crusades in Capitola on Resurrection Sunday and Father's day.

Her team has also been featured on our weekly TV show where she shared from her heart the saving grace and mercy of our Lord and savior,Jesus Christ, and the direct impact He has had in rescuing and reshaping her life.

As a Pastor, who has led 17 outdoor concert/crusades in the last three years, I can say her transformed life, her open and transparent story have touched the lost and motivated many to turn to Jesus for healing.(The GREAT Physician)

In His service,
Ron Scadina
Senior Pastor of Santa Cruz Revival
- Pastor Ron Scadina


The song "You Are", track 1 on her Cd earned her songwriting recognition at the 2006 International Songwriting Competition in the Gospel/Christian category, and was a finalist for the 2007 song of the year in the King Cat Music Songwriting Contest.

"MUSIC TO LIVE BY" Roo Records
A compilation project featuring the hit song "You Are" by Child of Mercy. Other artists include Daniel James, National recording artist and Jon Gibson, world renown producer and recording artist.

(2009) "UNIFIED BY GRACE" Quickstar Productions
A compilation project featuring the hit song "The Narrow Road" by Child Of Mercy. All proceeds will go to the Nyambabare Clinic in southwestern Uganda to help fight Malaria.

A full length album including the hit song "Broken Pieces"

A Rock Compilation
by Quickstar Productions
Featuring the song "Lay your hands on me" by Child Of Mercy. All proceeds will go to the Nyambabare Clinic in southwestern Uganda to help fight Malaria.

STREAMING/RADIO AIRPLAY: The Narrow Road EP is featured on several radio stations across the country. TSR Radio, Christian Originals Radio, Outbound Music, Women of Substance Radio, Hallel Music, Holy Revival Radio and Spiritco1 Radio.



We are passionate about seeing revival in the hearts of God’s people and ministering to those who are hurting and broken. Our original music and powerful testimony reveals the indescribable love and mercy of an AMAZING God who can take our broken pieces and make everything beautiful in His time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

The ministry "Child of Mercy" was born in 2006. Their inspiring music and Denise's testimony has impacted the lives of many.

Child of Mercy was interviewed and featured on 101.5 KAMB Celebration Radio, Reality Church TV, Take12 Radio and JCM Productions.

Denise's story was featured on CBN News "The 700 Club", Reality Church TV, Take12 Radio and JCM Productions. She will make a guest appearance on JCTV, a youth program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network "TBN" in October, 2010.

The band has been touring over the past two years leading worship at several churches including Venture Christian in Los Gatos with Pastor Chip Ingram and playing numerous events including SPIRIT WEST COAST in Del Mar and Monterey. The new album “Broken Pieces" is receiving international recognition and their music is featured on several radio stations across the country.

In addition, Denise Bridges speaks at shares her story at conferences, retreats, middle school/high schools, youth groups, festivals, recovery groups, etc.

The song “You Are”, written by Denise Bridges, on Child of Mercy’s first album “The Narrow Road” earned her song-writing recognition at the 2006 ISC International Songwriting Competition and was chosen as a finalist for song of the year in the 2007 King Cat Songwriting Competition. The song “Another saint has gone home” written by Chris Rooke earned him an honorable mention in the John Lennon songwriting competition 2001. Keith Mohr/Founder of Indieheaven announced that Child of Mercy was nominated for "Artist of the year" in the 3rd annual "Momentum Awards".

Denise’s song "You Are" was picked up by Roo Records to be included in a compilation project along side national recording artist Daniel James and world renowned singer-songwriter/recording artist JON GIBSON. Another song off the first album “The Narrow Road”, written by Denise Bridges and Stephen Martinez was included on Quickstar’s compilation project “Unified by Grace” released in 2009. Just recently, the song “Lay your hands on me”, off the new release “Broken Pieces” written by Chris Rooke will be included on a rock compilation “A call for healing” to be released in 2010. The proceeds from the two Quickstar compilations will aid a health clinic in Uganda.

DENISE BRIDGES/Singer-Songwriter-Speaker:
TESTIMONY as seen on CBN NEWS “The 700 Club”
(Detailed version upon request)

Psalm 40:2-3; "He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, He set my feet on a rock and gave me a place to stand, He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord."

"At the tender age of 6, my Mother began teaching me about Jesus and instilling in me her own life-changing faith. I vividly remember telling her I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart and kneeling with her to pray. I was raised in church, but as a teenager I began to feel like I was missing out, wanting to see what the world had to offer me. I truly believed that if I surrendered to God, I would be losing so much. During this time God tried to get my attention, but in my stubbornness I resisted Him with tears time and time again. I chose to walk my own path, and in doing so, paved a trail of heartache and extreme regret. When I finally came to my end, I began to hear God's voice and I could no longer resist. Seventeen years ago I surrendered my life into the hand of the Almighty. His Love and Forgiveness transformed my life and set me on a new course. Since then, he has done a miraculous work of healing and restoration. He's made all things beautiful in His time and I am overwhelmed with gratitude."

Life has not been easy for Denise Bridges.

Not understanding how to deal with her wounds, she learned how to suppress the pain by clinging to different vices such as drugs and alcohol to mask the hurt. Although her mother continued to raise her children in church, Denise rebelled and began a long search for love, fulfillment and happiness. Feeling as though herself worth was dependent on how she looked, she embarked on a professional modeling career that caused her to spiral down even further. She soon developed an eating disorder and became obsessed with her weight. After feeling she had no control over her life and along with other disappointments, she finally came to her senses and realized that the materialism and excess she became consumed with did not fill the empty hole in her heart. It was then that the Lord, in His great mercy and love, called her back to Himself. In May of 1992, Denise