Children of Seraph
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Children of Seraph

Tacoma, WA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Tacoma, WA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review The Maension, Children Of Seraph in music cafe De Meister Geleen"

After the short but powerful set of Newborn Lunatics it was the turn of Children Of Seraph to enter the stage. This band from Tacoma (Washington) is touring Europe for the first time. So we witnessed their first show on European soil. The stage was just not big enough for the six, making keyboard player Ben Velozo play for the podium. Musically strong heavy metal was combined with influences from the power metal genre. Instrumentally there was also a lot of variation by 2 well-playing guitarists supported with keyboard. Guitarist Nathanyel played excellent guitar solos. singer Collazo had a good singing voice and could handle the highs without any problem. Towards the end of the set the band played an instrumental number so you can hear how well they are playing together and played on each other. as far as we are concerned, a new discovery. - Frank HSJ


Our Seattle Spotlight Artist of the Week is Children of Seraph.
Playing live on Saturday April 30, 2016 at The Charleston in Bremerton, Children of Seraph
has 1 album release, with currently best-selling album Metal Face
and #1 selling song Metal Face. - Pulse Music TV

"Helloween – Lost in America, Found in Seattle!"

The opening support for the show was a local band from Tacoma, WA called Children of Seraph. They started their set at 8:00pm and were a pleasant rock band to support Helloween. I don’t know who was more surprised about them opening the show, the local fans who mostly had not heard of them before, or the band who clearly were in awe they were opening for the one and only Helloween. Either way they came on and played a solid set to get the crowd pumped for the show. - Diane Webb

"Children Of Seraph – EP (2015)"

Children Of Seraph are a (Holy shit, they’re trademarked already!) power metal act from the far away land of… Tacoma, Washington. In any case, the four tracks on the short, but sweet EP release are more than enough to warrant the band’s name being trademarked as such. (Or at least, I think.) There’s five of these dudes, and it would not be too off-collar to call them young dudes, as that’s just what they are. Fantastic, nothing like getting your hands dirty in the grit of the metal scene while you’re still young and full of vigor. The record proves it too. If nothing else, this little project of guitarist Nathanyel Nieves shows that he can really play. It definitely sound’s like a guitarist’s record, but that’s when vocalist Yamill Collazo jumps in to deliver some truly memorable lines… and it’s this early in the game too. I’m quite impressed. You can ultimately tell that Nobuo Uematsu’s hard-hitting Final Fantasy themes are an influence here and the band definitely seem to have taken this influence and ran with it. You can still tell that it’s a young band, but I have faith that if they keep it up, great things will happen. There’s even some light keyboards from Gabe Valdez which do help to bring about a certain level of atmosphere. The band certainly have an image and know what they want to sound like, so let’s hope they’ll continue to bring more to the table in the future. This EP is certainly brilliant, and it’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from musicians who literally just broke into the scene. Seattle is known for the greats of grunge, but it seems like these guys might just be able to put it back on the map with what I consider an impressive display of musicianship and guitar wizardry. Don’t let us down, gentlemen. The gods of metal are watching you… - Eric May


Well, what do we have here? This is nothing less than pure heavy metal full of melody and the illusion of making homage to the big names of the genre.

Coming from Washington, these young guys composed a quite decent EP forged in the most traditional, honest and strong spirit of heavy metal. Of course they have influences from many sources, but they made a superlative effort to create an own style, and although they still are an amateur band, they don’t sound bad at all!! These four tracks are really good and we can hear roots in the most epic side of the genre. I must say that I’m impressed with guitar work of Nathanyel Nieves, who seems to be the main composer. Also, clean vocalist Collazo has very good school and seems like he is big fan of big dudes like Dio, Dickinson, etc. No doubt this band has to fix some problems here and there, but the road is shinny and clear, and I hope they’ll record more stuff soon. – Victor Varas - Victor Varas

"Children of Seraph"

"self titled" Demo 4 tracks from USA Power Metal band. Very melodic singer and melodies, powerfull rifs and cool solos. A great cover with tiger and a goddess angel ;) Influences are close to Maiden, Metal Church,Overkill, Manowar...A very promising band. 90/100 - Metal Zone Prod


(Self-production) From Seattle come forward the Children of Seraph, who offer us their first ep of four tracks. We feel a mile away that our Americans are, and in fact their power metal is a mix of the most disparate influences.Clattering the pioneer "Burning Ones", which in the solo refers to the Helloween or the first Gamma Ray; "Defenders" turns to stentorian tones, and I feel both Helstar and Megadeth hints. "Seraph's Awakening" is clearly divided into two parts: a rather rough instrumental excursion follows a second, more cadenced, almost doomeggiante section. "Sleeping Song" is instead a song that recalls the Metallica of the 90s. So much positive vehemence, something to improve in production, but the road taken can lead far. - Redazione2


Still working on that hot first release.



Children of Seraph is a Heavy Metal band from Tacoma, Washington that mixes Thrash Metal, Symphonic Metal and Classical music influences into their music. 

Formed in 2015 by Nathanyel Nieves, Children of Seraph exploded onto the Seattle/Tacoma music scene with their unique and dynamic sound and intense live shows.

Children of Seraph's first release, their self titled EP, was received incredibly well and their debut album "Warriors of Light" has been compared to bands like Helloween and Iron Maiden and has even been voted Seattle Spotlight Artist of the week by Pulse Music TV.

Children of Seraph has opened for top metal bands like Primal Fear, Act of Defiance, Uli Jon Roth, Alestorm, Power Metal pioneers Helloween, and have toured Europe with The Maension where they gained even more exposure.

"Seattle is known for the greats of grunge, but it seems like these guys might just be able to put it (metal) back on the map with what I consider an impressive display of musicianship and guitar wizardry."- Eric May


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