Children of Celebrities

Children of Celebrities

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

"They inhabit that nebulous middle ground between country, bluegrass and whatever it is that Tom Waits does." Monday Mag, Victoria BC


Victoria, BC's Kings of Enviro-cowboy lounge music return with their third release, Stereo Bang Bang. Recorded in fiddle and dobro player Mike Regimbal's home studio, they stuck to their goal of capturing the feeling of a live off-the-floor sound. The new Cd features 11 original songs and 2 covers: Tom Waits' "Tango 'til They're Sore" and "Let the Train Blow the Whistle" by Johnny Cash. CelebHeads, the band's devoted and growing cult following and new listeners alike will be right at home with the new songs, primarily from the quirky yet poignant pen of Rob Egan. "The Road to Hollywood" opens the Cd with a story from the boulevard of broken dreams, "Rodeo Clown" tells the tale of a woman pursuing a non-traditional career, the mean streets of "Downtown" is spiced up with jaw harp and banjitar, "Old Lips" offers a view from the end of the line and "What Will It Mean When You're Gone?", from the pen of Mike Raymer, is a lovely ballad that tugs at the heart strings. Contributing vocals to several songs are members of the Balkan Babes, an award-winning women's choral group. To understand how that fits together with the Children's roots-country-rockin'-twang you just have to trust the band's demented artistic vision 'cause it works.

Delivering more than a half ton of fun, Children of Celebrities burst onto the West Coast music scene in 2004 when this group of pseudo middle-aged guys wanted more than just their day jobs. All talented musicians, they also discovered a shared sense of humour about life and music. In 2005, the Children released their debut Cd, Middle Age Wasteland. Victoria, BC's Monday Magazine Reader's Poll voted Children of Celebrities as "Favourite Group" and Middle Age Wasteland as "Favourite Local CD" in 2006. It was also nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award. In 2007, the band released their second CD, We're Not Bitter, receiving airplay on CBC Radio and campus-community radio stations across the country. We're Not Bitter shot up folk and rock playlists resulting in national campus-community chart rankings on !Earshot folk/roots/blues charts in August, September and October of 2007.

The band has also appeared on two compilations on the Self Righteous Records label: Cavalcade of the Scars, in 2006 and Volume 2 in 2008. The Children perform regularly in bars, coffee houses and festivals. They have gained many a fan with their winning live show at events such as the Islands Folk Festival (Duncan, BC) and the Sooke River Music Festival. The Children have made several television appearances on The Daily/Shaw Community Cable and A Channel in Victoria.

Their CDs can be purchased at CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody and "in the groove" independent record stores such as Zulu and Highlife in Vancouver and Ditch Records and Lyle's Place in Victoria.

All proceeds from Cd sales, merchandise sales, gigs, tips, donations...go towards the purchase of an environmentally-friendly, hydrogen-fueled Band Jet so the Children can visit your town or city!

Visit their cool, inviting, user-friendly website at and join their blog at


Stereo Bang Bang

Written By: Written and Arranged by Children of Celebrities


She’s a rodeo clown
Drivin’ cross the prairie
On a late summer night
Pullin’ into another tornado town
She’s a rodeo clown

She’s got her windows down
Radio blastin’
Drivin’ songs
A drink would help the world go down
She’s a rodeo clown

A saloon full of sound
Drunk poets perched
Right outa sight
When midnight pulls on into town
She’s a rodeo clown

Cheap motels, the bruises and swells come with the job
One night stands with another ranch hand just an afterthought
She’s a rodeo clown

She’s a rodeo clown
Steeled by the pain
Of her younger years
She has no fear of fallin’ down
She’s a rodeo clown


Every time I look around these days there’s trouble brewin’
People the world over, strugglin’, tryin’ to make do
The world can be a cruel master, that’s plain to see
Too much suffering, war, poverty
But, you know, a smile from a stranger
A helping hand
Kids playin’ at the beach all covered in sand
It’s a beautiful thing

Pretty much every day I can find something that takes my breath away
It happened to the boys in this band just the other day
We came out of the garage, came out of the cold
Found ourselves lookin’ up at a big double rainbow
We felt pretty lucky
When all was said and done
No pot of gold
Just rainbows and sun
It’s a beautiful thing

Well we’e not here to hector you, to lecture you at all
We’re not preachers or politicians with sermons or a crystal ball
Some say the cup is half empty
Some say the cup is half full
Some say smell the roses
Well we’re tryin’ to smell it all

Now, I don’t want to sound maudlin, sentimental in my old age
And I’m not gonna stand here and trot out a litany of used clichés
But you know, let me tell ya
The stars keep flyin’
And the babies keep cryin’
And we all keep tryin’ to make it last
It’s a beautiful thing


Sadness comes and it’s such a weight
Pullin’ me down into the jaws of fate
Tears run dry, no time to waste
It’s a warehouse, buddy, call a spade a spade

These old lips, sinkin’ ships
Ain’t sailin’ anymore
These old lips, sinkin’ ships
Washed up on the shore

You’re not a song that goes on and on
Like Mozart or Rachmaninoff
Let’s do the twist, dance in your prime
Upside down and out of time

Cracked by the sun on a blistering day
Windswept smiles all blown away
A suitcase for your goin’ away
To the warehouse, buddy, what a serenade


Some people like bells are born to ring
While other people can’t ring a thing
But you ring loud and oh so long
What will it mean when you’re gone?

What will it mean when you’re gone?
What will it mean when you’re gone?
I just can’t help my holdin’ on
What will it mean when you’re gone?

Some people they sing the sweetest songs
Other folks are born to hum along
But your song keeps on keepin’ on
What will it mean when you’re gone?

Some people shine like the moon
Others twinkle like the stars above
But you shine brighter than the sun
What will it mean when you’re gone?


She walked past the United Nations
To Port Authority Station
Concrete towers swayin’ in the wind
She walked so quickly she had to begin

This much is understood
She’d walk the whole way if she could
Might not be for her own good
She’s on the road to Hollywood

He left behind the grey skies and rain
Where the cruise ships roam the range
Daredevils floatin’ on the breeze
He’s got a head full of hopes and dreams

This much is understood
He’d walk the whole way if he could
Might not be for his own good
He’s on the road to Hollywood

He’s headed south but half past late
She’s headed west on the Interstate
With memories quickly erased
No markers on the trail to trace

This much is understood
They’d walk the whole way if they could
Might not be for their own good
They’re on the road to Hollywood

Now Tinsel Town won’t get the best of me
Just you wait and see


Come on down, take a look around
See why they call it Downtown
Nothing to do, nowhere to stay
Can’t find nothin’ on a rainy day
We got lateral oppression, nobody helps
Sideways intolerance, it’s every one for himself
But even a dog lives better, even a dog lives better

Why is this happening? The answer is clear
But don’t talk to me about it ‘til you’ve done some livin’ down here
Even a dog lives better, even a dog lives better

It’s not Soweto, it’s not TrenchTown
It’s not Tiananmen, it’s not Sarajevo
It’s not East L.A. and it’s not Zaire
There’s no good reason why it’s happening here
Even a dog lives better, even a cat lives better
Even a rat lives better, even the bugs live better
Even the politicians live better, mon



Well, I don’t have time for the cryin’
Pop psychologizin’
The sun is slowly sinkin’
And it s


Middle Age Wasteland, 2005
We're Not Bitter, 2007
Stereo Bang Bang 2010
Cavalcade of the Scars, (Self Righteous Records, 2006)
Cavalcade of the Scars,
Volume 2 (Self Righteous
Records, 2008)

Set List

Retro Help
Saint Michael
Ruby Red Lips
The Road to Hollywood
It's A Beautiful Thing
It Must Have Been the Birds
I Was Crazy I Was
36 Days in December
Old Lips
Dead Man's Shoes
Tango 'til They're Sore
It Ain't Workin'
Our Little Town
California Plates
Rain Dogs
Cool Tumbleweed
Empty Boxes
Disco Ball
No Time to Cry
Waitin' for Tomorrow
Gracie Jones
Rodeo Clown
What Will It Mean When You're Gone?
Deja Vu
Let the Train Blow the Whistle

A typical set list for the Children ~ 90 minutes give or take...

Covers include songs by Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Merle Travis, traditional fiddle tunes and more...with the occasional tango thrown in for the dancers!