Children of Eve

Children of Eve


Children of Eve is a high energy, high impact, hard rock /post hardcore band. Their music is unique in that it combines catchy, driving guitar riffs and harmonies with dance beats and melodic, but aggressive vocals. "I was dancing with my girl one second, and the next I was punching my best friend"


Children of Eve could be described as progressive, hard rock/metal, or hard alternative. It combines musical styles from every point on the spectrum, drawing mainly from classical and jazz, and blending elements of world music such as latin and bluegrass into predominantly heavy song structures.

COE's newest record, a self-titled full length is getting an amazing response from everyone who hears it. It's chock full of catchy, driving guitar riffs and vocal melody. Very technical, though tasteful. It's all about good times, good music and good people. Music is Life.

The band is aggressively touring the new record. They have performed with acts such as Protest the Hero, Alexisonfire, KISS, Cancer Bats, and Sum 41

Keep your ear to the ground, Children of Eve will be in your city soon. Let's all have some fun.


"This Island Just Might Kill Us All..." full length (2005)
"In these fair streets we fall, Verona holds us now." full length (2005)
"Children of Eve" (2008)

Set List

We play a high impact set using our most aggressive, high energy songs, usually the fan favourites. The set length is designed to the specifications of the gig. 40 minutes is pretty standard.

We play primarily songs from our newest record.
We show up, set up, and tear the venue apart.