Children of the Plague

Children of the Plague


A Goth Rock band playing violent sugar rush Pop songs about suicide and video games.


The Children of the Plague is a Goth Rock band from Miami, FL. Vocalist K-la met bassist Mr.E and guitar player Nameless in a clinical study in South Miami for the treatment of acute insomnia in which they were paid participants. Common interests in music, cinema and video games prompted them to form a band. Years after working with a handful of bad drummers, after a chance meeting at a funeral for a mutual aquaintence, drummer Guillen joined the group.

Originally formed as a Noise rock group in early 2002, the band gradually shifted to the sugar rush Industrial/ Pop-Rock heard on the new CD "Sad Sickness: Songs to kill yourself to" due to be released on CdA Recordings next year. Produced by guitarist Nameless and Grammy winning engineer Doc Wiley (U2/ Liz Phair), Sad Sickness is a concept album about infatuation, despair and video games. The bulk of the material was written during the multiple occasions when band members were hospitalized over the last couple years for various ailments and accidents,. This influenced a skewed medical theme throughout their music and presentation. The resulting album is a collection of "pop songs about suicide as covered by a metal band".

Lauded for the volatile adrenaline and sincerity of their stage show, they have numerous critical honors from the Florida Music Scene including "Best Goth Rock Band 2006" by the Sun Post.


Debut release coming first half 2008 on CdA Recordings

Set List

Despair on the Radio
Quiet "till we're not
Six String Sorrow
The Kissing Disease
Heartbreak Spills Across the Periodic Table
Facination Street (The Cure)
Various Vein Slashing Things I Do
The 7 Replicating Modes of the Rapture