Children of The Son

Children of The Son

 Rathdrum, Leinster, IRL

Smashing Pumpkins meets U2, Nirvana meets Zepplin!
3 brothers receive widespread critical praise, for their powerful, emotional live shows.
Patrons are Robert M Knight and the man in the top hat, Slash himself! Hotpress are avid fans.


Children Of The Son are three brothers Max, Art and Jack & from County Wicklow, Ireland on the cover of the Hotpress yearbook 2014 titled 'Introducing Ireland's Teenage Brigade.' 

Inside is an amazing article inside by Niall Stokes called from 'The FUTURE STARTS HERE':

One of the bands that stood out for me personally was children Of The Son. Over the past year, they have metamorphosed from being a developing young outfit with potential to serious international contenders.During the year they released a superb single in Colorblind. This was followed by a fine showing on the Salty Dog Stage at Electric Picnic. Along the way they attracted the support of US photographer Robert Knight, who opened doors for them on the other side of the Atlantic. As a result, in November they traveled to LA, where they recorded a clutch of songs with Warren Huart, who has excelled as a producer, engineer and mixer with Aerosmith, The Fray and James Blunt, among many more.Those sessions have delivered a collection of five recordings that is studded with aces. As I write, a team is being assembled to mount the campaign to take the band to the next level. They have the songs. They have the attitude. They have the musical ability.And in front man Jack, they have one of the most extraordinary vocalists in Jack. Indeed, it is hard to think of any Irish man or woman who has come near to him, in terms of the range and expressiveness of his voice as an instrument. Of course the Belfast cowboy Van Morrison, is one of the greatest singers of them all. But I have a feeling  Jack Matthews will rank up there that in the long term, in the same rarefied zone as a vocalist, not just with Van but also Robert Plant, Tim Buckley and Jeff Buckley.For Max, Art and Jack Matthews to travel from where they are now - on the cusp of initial major success - to having a sustained career at the top of the rocknroll tree will require enormous reserves, not just of talent, but also of commitment, hard work and unity of purpose. I suspect they will not be found wanting.Children Of The Son were named in out Hot for 2013 list at the start of the year. Since then, they have more than justified that accolade - and, as 2013 winds its way towards its conclusion, I firmly believe they are about to take another huge leap forward. Truly, there is no limit to their potential.That there is such awe-inspiring young talent here in Ireland is confirmation of what we have argued, and agitated, for over the years in Hotpress. Support great new artists as they edge into the harsh light of day and they will repay that backing a hundred-fold. That is the way it works: same, you might observe sagely, as it ever was.The future starts here. Bring it on.

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