Children's Music

Children's Music


Children's Music are: Five swedes that has an amazing grasp on traditional American music. It is the harmonies of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, and the great melodies of the Paul Simon in an exiting mixture.


The final dying sounds of their dress rehearsal left Children’s Music with nothing to do but stand there, silent and helpless, blinking out over the footlights of an empty auditorium. They hardly dared to breathe as the short, solemn figure of their director emerged from the naked seats to join them on stage, as he pulled a stepladder raspingly from the wings and climbed halfway up its rungs to turn and tell them, with several clearings of his throat, that they were a damned talented group of people and a wonderful group of people to work with.
“It hasn’t been an easy job,” he said, his glasses glinting soberly around the stage. “We’ve had a lot of problems here, and quite frankly I’d more or less resigned myself not to expect too much. Well, listen. Maybe this sounds corny, but something happened up here tonight. Sitting out there tonight I suddenly knew, deep down, that you were all putting your hearts into your work for the first time.” He let the fingers of one hand splay out across the pocket of his shirt to show what a simple, physical thing the heart was; then he made the same hand into a fist, which he shook slowly and wordlessly in a long dramatic pause, closing one eye and allowing his moist lower lip to curl out in a grimace of triumph and pride. “Do that again tomorrow night,” he said, “and we’ll have one hell of a show.”
Children’s Music began their journey together in Stockholm in the early year of 2009, and this damned talented and wonderful group of people consists of:
Jack Fägrell as musical prodigy, savant and the only voice you’ll ever need to hear,
Kristian Hagner as the guitar plucking-offspring of Mark Knopfler, Blind Willie Johnson and Jimi Hendrix,
Ida Krasse as harmonizer, keyboardizer, percussionizer and Super Woman,
Niclas Sjöbeck armed with two drumsticks, bad-ass beats and the notion of being the drummer who is at the right gig,
and Carl Thorell as big bad thumping, bumping, marching, walking, slapping and woda-wada-bappin’ bass man.


Picture of Us (2013)

Welcome to My Home (2011)

Songs for Adults (2009)