Chile Colorado

Chile Colorado

 Monterey, California, USA

The "Chile Colorado" is the original "Big Electric Power Trio" from Monterey, California. Will perform plugged or unplugged depending what the venue requires.


Ron Wright lead guitarist, composes music that incorporates many styles and techniques. He was born in Montana and received his musical education from ASU. An experienced studio musician with a strong track record as a performer, engineer, and producer. Ron enjoys all styles of music, as his BMI compositions reveal.

Ron has performed extensively live and on television, and in addition he has recorded with various group members of TOTO, The Doobie Brothers, Larry Carlton band, and Pablo Cruise, to name a few. He's worked on major motion pictures and has a music video. There are artist reviews from HHGI Magazine, Strutter Magazine, Tracks Online, Guitar Nine Records, among various other music critics.

Ron heads his own recording studio & frequently helps events staged by local charities throughout the year. He enjoys fishing and sailing where he now resides in Pebble Beach, California.


Chile Colorado is now receiving international airplay from there album: Chile Colorado Ron Wright & Special Guests - Acoustic Dreams - Dressage Grand Prix Music & Winged Millenium & various singles.

1. Things That Make Me Happy
2. Getting Restless For Your Love
3. Star Baby
4. Pinky Earring
5. Cloud Jumper
6. Fast Woman's Lovin
7.You Need A Dream