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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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"Acoustic Rock"

Quick Picks - By Nick A. Zaino III

For such a funky, bluesy acoustic act, ChillSet has a strange pedigree. The band has opened for heavy rockers Staind and ex-Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil and for the decidedly electric-minded WBCN Battle of the Bands. ChillSet is a good match for the funky pop of Welcome to Florida and the acoustic/heavy rock one-two punch of Muy Cansado, and enough of a classic rock influence to hang with the punkish Bluebook Addiction, all of which are on the bill tonight at 9 at Harper's Ferry. Every band is Boston-based except Welcome to Florida, which of course, is based in New Hampshire. 9pm., $7, Harper's Ferry, 158 Brighton Ave., Boston. 617-254-9743 - The Boston Globe

"ChillSet CD release party @ the Hard Rock Cafe, Boston"

By Rachel Sutton

Chillset originated in Medway, Massachusetts, but Saturday night they sold out the Hard Rock Café in Boston to celebrate their CD release. Scott, Justin, and Dan grew up together and said they have been switching in and out of different bands for some time now. Finally, five years ago, they stuck together and created what is known all over the Northeast today as Chillset. “We wanted to do something different,” Justin told me. They set out to create an acoustic vibe with rock and reggae influences that would catch the ear of both genres. With songs like “Broken Record” and “95” they do just that. However they do branch off and during the show they covered a sublime song and, my personal favorite, the Will Farrell melody.

Beyond their sound and their style there is something special about Chillset and that is their performance. The audience doesn’t attended a Chillset show and just tap their feet. The crowd was dancing and jamming out with beers raised the entire time. “It’s the energy we give on stage. We have fun and that vibe is captured by the audience,” Scott informed me when I asked what it was that made that crowd do what they do. The energy these guys give off was shocking. It was as if they weren’t just performing the songs but becoming part of the audience as well. Scott Fovel, the lead singer, never stood still while performing. “We just have a great time together on stage,” he said.

If I had to describe Chillset in one word, I would have to say fun. Chillset doesn’t just play a show, they put on a show. Not only have they created a great band, that is set to go on an upcoming tour, they are also cool guys and have earned a pretty big following.
- BostonNightlLife.TV

"Aaron Fleishman '07 Plans Benefit Concert"

Senior Aaron Fleishman will stage a benefit concert to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease from 7-9 p.m. on May 5, 2007 on Frisbee Field.

Fleishman is the manager of ChillSet, the Medway, MA acoustic trio that will headline the show. Ben Sheridan '07 will perform as the concert's opening act.

The concert is free and is open to the public. There will be CDs, Posters, t-shirts will be for sale, the proceeds from which will be used help those suffering from Crohn's disease, an ongoing disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive tract that most commonly affects the lower part of the small intestine.

"Crohn's Disease awareness is important to me because my cousin has Crohn's disease and I watch her struggle with it," Fleishman said. "It's hard for me to watch her go through so much pain and not do anything. That is why I decided to do this concert."

ChillSet's influences range from Led Zeppelin to George Benson, The Beatles, Sublime, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The members of Chillset - Scott Fovel and Justin Jones and Dan Ober - have been performing together for more than five years, and will offer classic rock favorites mixed in with their own original songs.
- Hartwick College

"ChillSet On The Provincetown II Boat Cruise"

By Lindsay Brian

This past weekend I went and saw the band Chillset, which was a concert on a boat cruise out of Boston Harbor. They originate out of Medway, Massachusetts and have been together for three years now. The band is made up of Scott, Justin & Dan. Scott is in charge of vocals and the keyboard, Justin plays the guitar and Dan plays the drums. Before this I had never seen them perform nor have I heard their music. I was very impressed by their performance and the energy that took place throughout the crowd. The entire time no matter what song they played the crowd was on the same page as them and had that connection with them and their music. It’s very rare that you go to shows and get that.

They started their set off playing a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, then went into some of their songs and reached out to songs like Freebird or Gangsters Paradise. They also played the Will Ferrell Medley, which was hysterical and they did a superb job doing it. You can tell that this band practices a lot and has an extreme amount of fun doing what they do. I’ve been to a lot of shows and I always feel as though the band is just there to play their music and get out of there, but it wasn’t like that at all with Chillset. They were there to perform, have a good time and make everyone who came enjoy their time there as well.

One other thing I noticed was the age range at this show. Everyone was between 23 and 50 years old and there was a wide variety of types of people. I think the band puts out a nice range of music so that no matter what age, gender, or type of person you are you will enjoy listening to their music. In my outlook this is a very positive thing for a band to do.

I have to say this concert wasn’t just another concert that I went to. It was a concert along with a performance and I will recommend this band to all of my friends, as well as go and see them perform again.
- BostonNightlLife.TV


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About ChillSet
With influences ranging from Sublime, J. Geils Band, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles, ChillSet has created a wide and devoted fan base all across New England: from curious listeners to serious music enthusiasts of all ages. Possessing a rare mix of musical chops, high-energy shows, and infectious humor, the Boston trio continues to play over 100 shows year and has received numerous accolades over their five years together. Check out ChillSet's Industry Accomplishments in the "Past Dates" section of the Calendar.

ChillSet’s first album release party at the famous Hard Rock Café in Boston attracted a 400+ sold-out crowd. The band is frequently chosen to play at New England’s elite venues for the likes of high-profile club owners, professional athletes, and key radio personalities. In April 2012, ChillSet released their second studio album, "GutterTown," to yet another capacity crowd at the historic Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA.

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