Chilly Chills

Chilly Chills

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Born on the South Side Chicago, Chilly Chills relocated with his family to Atlanta, GA and moved to the notorious Mechanicsville housing projects when he was 9 years old. Chilly Chills started using poetry and music to express his feelings about the experiences in his everyday life. 

Chilly Chills graduated from Southside High School in Atlanta where he first earned recognition as a poet at the age of 16 through
 the V-103 "Got Word Poetry Contest." He was one of 2 teens to be invited on the radio for a live interview and reading of his poem. Chilly hosted stages at one of the largest streets festivals in the Southeast..."the Sweet Auburn Springfest 2007-2009" and Chilly was also a featured poet at the National Black Arts Festival 2007 & 2009. He later attended Alabama State University, where he focused his attention on hip hop. He began recording with other independent artists and was invited to perform at A3C, Sweet Auburn Festival, SXSW, and at various colleges in the southeast. 

Currently, Chilly Chills is focusing on the release of his single "Poppin' in Here", produced by the hit maker, DJ Fu. The song can be heard on Atlanta's V-103 and in many Atlanta clubs. Chilly has developed a solid following in Atlanta through selling out many shows that he is featured on. 

He is also recording his first EP, "Sophisticated Ignorance" which will be released in mid summer. The project features production from Craig King, Deezle, Yardeez, DJ Fu, Childish Major, KC, Tripp the Hit Major and more. 
His diversity is impeccable & quite impressive considering his style to be so authentic, original, giving a revival feel to hip hop. Here you have a youngster whose born from Chicago's SouthSide streets transition to one of Atlanta's most dangerous neighborhoods "Mechanicsville", with the ability to give REAL RAP! 

"A rose grew from the concrete? Same thing with me, y'knahmean? I grew out of all of this" (Tupac Shakur). 
Chilly Chills is the definition of a rose that grew from the concrete.


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