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I'm ready to do this. The music speaks for itself.


I'm Chilly C. the Paperchaser. I'm from Moss Point, Mississippi. A city on the Mississippi Gulf Coast thats between Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile,Alabama. I'm from the Southside Second and Frederic Street. I released my album Championship Hustling in 2003 and later started doing artist mixtapes as well as Dj mixtapes to cross promote my music and at the same time give an underground artist with good music exposure in my area, and at the same time turn my area on to exclusives and remixes that they wouldn't hear if the radio didn't play it. I'm a one man movement. Basically I love what I do, and I have vowed to have no plan B and never quit. I consider my music to be street conscious. What sets me apart is that I rap about my life experiences. I do music about partying and also the serious things in life too. Some of my influences are Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, 50 Cent, T.I., Slim Thug, and Lil Wayne (All of these artist have a crazy work ethnic about themselves).

Chilly C. the Paperchaser has opened up for Gucci Mane, Crime Mob, Lil Boosie, B.G.,Tum Tum and Fat Bastard,Hot Boy Ronald,The Jiggalaters,5th Ward Weebie, and Pastor Troy

Chilly C. the Paperchaser has also been in Murder Dog Magazine, Get Em Magazine, New Power Magazine,Down Magazine, and also has been in Ozone Magazine

Has been featured om mixtapes such as
Dj Coolbreeze and Dj Sosa - Doin Numbers Vol.1
Dj Ophax - Welcome in tha Game 18
Nat King - Dj Odini - The Block Bullies 2

Featured on the DVD The Game Sold and Told by Dubcity Films


Hood Rich (clean) (verse 1)

Written By: Chilly C. the Paperchaser

Verse 1,
Up early, gotta get my mind right,
bills due plus a player want his shine right,
I gots to ball i gots to drink the best ish,
best liquor best clothes ghetto fab hood rich,
plus my chick wanna shine wanna look like a dime,
a chick gone get treated good if this chick is mine,
all i need is cooked food and get keep the house straight,
make sure you go to work and keep the money straight,
then i hit the streets hard with the soft with the hard,
im a greenback stacker man ain playing games boy,
bump balling in the club and waking up with nothing man,
if you living like that you ain't on yo hustle man,
learn how to sacrifice learn how to just wait learn how to just wait, then you can really see what yo ass really make,
you'll be like man i can make a lotta cake,
aw man i can move alot of weight



Championship Hustling (2003)
Hungry Season Mixtapes Vol.1 and 3
The Money Hungry Mixtape

Set List

Marry Betty Crocker
Dirty Down Here
Hood Rich
Rep Yo Hood
Get This Money
I Den Pushed That

When I perform I like to say a few words to the crowd to get them hype instead of the soundman turning my music on before I can let the people know who I am.