Incorporating hip-hop beats and bass lines, spanish style rhythmic guitar, organ, piano, and a bluesy, ambient guitar sound, Chilmark has transformed into a stew of sound that is all their own.


.chilmark. formed in November of 2002. Their current sound can best be described as ambient rock and r&b, though it is constantly developing and changing for the sake of creative growth. Cousins Joshua and Christopher Lewis began writing material and experimenting on the guitar before introducing their ideas to drummer Benjamin Kim. They quickly realized that they had something special and decided to find a suitable bassist. Through a mutual friend of Ben and Chris', the trio was introduced to Derek Wolfrum. From the first rehearsal, the four knew that something epic was upon them.

The band quickly began writing material and playing small shows in the Boston area. They put out several demos recording in the film scoring labs at Berklee College of Music under the production of veteran engineer Fred Mueller. The band continued to rehearse as well as play various colleges, clubs and parties from Massachusetts to Vermont. From attending Berklee College of Music, Ben was introduced to pianist Michael Hartigan. He sat in for a few rehearsals and performed live with the band before it was decided to make Chilmark a quintet.

Having some experience from the Berklee Sessions, Chilmark decided to take the process into their own hands and record a full length album. After a fifteen week recording session in the summer of 2005, Chilmark released their debut album, Sing My Alarm. The band is currently living in Sharon, Massachusetts where all the writing, rehearsing, and recording takes place. They have begun promotion for the album and are consistently performing live in the New England area.


2006 - Sing My Alarm

Set List

Miss, Should I?
Where to Start
Excuse Me
Brown Room
See You There
My Black Cat
My Devil Sings