The Best and Only Aggressive Funk/R&B band in the world!! No other band puts on a live show like this man and his Band. Chilton is the surest bet you can have to entertianing large and small crowds with great original live music.


"Is" the debut cd from underground funk pioneer Chilton is his first full length release. A potent mix of Funk, R&B, Soul and Rock. There is nothing else like it on the music scene today.
Chilton tours with the support of his top notch band that has torn the house down everywhere they have played. From Osaka Japan to Frankfurt Germany. He truly puts on one of the best live shows around.

For Chilton its the mix of styles that music creation so interesting to him. "I just love listening to everything and I think that shows up in how I write." Says Chilton. "When I take my cd to a live audience its just great to see the react to the music I have written. I really feel like I am giving people a vibe they have been missing for a long time!"

Chilton's band is equally as diverse in their musical history. "Hey these guys are louder than some of the heavy metal bands I have played for!" Says Kurt Mc the bands bass player. " I never thought I would play in an r&b band because there is so much stigma to modern r&b, but Chilton changed all that for me!!"

And that seems to be the point for Chilton and the rest of the band mates. Says Gclef "I think we really want to change the world with our music or at least the way the world listens to music."

The smart money seems to be just that.


1999 Ep "All Me"

2005 Lp "Is"


4 AM
I Is
Damn I Should Have Loved You

Set List

Typical set list borrows heavily from the cd

I Is
4am/ Mary Jane
Damn I Shouldve Love You
Coming To Love You
Troubles Coming
Don't You know

Our set lengths depend on how long we have to play. We can do shows from 20minutes to 2 hours