Chilton & TexBukSex

Chilton & TexBukSex


An aggressive Funk/R&B band. Basically we are an R&B band with a heavy metal attitude. No hip hop though we with hold the right to cover the occasional classic.


“Music is art and there is no limit to what you can do with music or where it can take you. To put a name on it is to limit it”, says Chilton, a singer, songwriter and producer whose influences vary from Curtis Mayfield , Prince and Jimi Hendrix to Earth, Wind and Fire and Led Zeppelin.
“ I believe that if you can play one style or genre of music you should be open to hearing and playing other styles. That is true musicianship. That is true song writing.” Says the Atlanta based artist who describes his sound as free yet aggressive and bold. “Music is free flowing like water, and it has no predjudice either you like it or you don’t.”
Chilton has collaborated with many in the Atlanta music scene such as Tag Team, Skunk, Eddie Stokes, Azure Macklin, Mr. Jonz, and Nadirah. In 1995 his big break came when he played on and sang background for Speech’s (formerly of Arrested Development) solo debut album. The double platinum album launched Chilton into the spotlight and on a worldwide tour with Speech. He has also performed on national television programs such as “ Late Night with Conan O’ Brien”, and BET’s now de-funked“Teen Summit”.
In 1999 Chilton founded and in 2003 founded records. “I felt that through my website, it gave me the best opportunity to release my music in a time and a fashion that was to my liking” The multi purpose web-site and label has afforded Chilton more freedom to create different music and multi-media projects either by himself or with friends. “This year is going to be big for me and the band because I am releasing two records that are completely different yet still have our imprint on them. This is a very productive and exciting time for me.”
As for the current industry woes of low sales and piracy. “We have entered into a new day, people want to connect with the people that they listen too. It is no longer about going double or triple platinum. Music today is about who can reach people with their music and live shows, that is what we are all about.”



Written By: Chilton


Look deep into my eyes. I am a superstar that’s no surprise
Cause every little thing I do winds up being front page news its in the way I walk its in the way I talk. I am a star baby super hot. I hope you can stand my superstar attitude. Would you mind if I took this chance to get you on this floor and dance and vibe to my superstar trance.

CHORUS: I am a superstar yeah I said it the biggest thing the world has seen I am a superstar don’t forget it cause no matter what I am living My dream.

Paris, London, Milan is where I get my party on but you see there
is much more to me than that. Cause before you knew my name I was a star just the same. Now tell me who’s got game? If you Believe in love then we are the same players in the super star Game. If you believe in love then we are the same. Players in this superstar game.


BRIDGE: You’re a superstar too doesn’t matter what you do. Its all in how you feel baby all your love is real.

Whether you be pumping some gas or picking up the trash Whether you be mopping the floor or opening the door. Whether you be serving a drink or washing dishes in the sink You’re a SuperStar.

What If I Told You

Written By: Chilton


VERSE 1: What if I told you it’s not your body but your mind and your soul? What if I told you I’d love you until time grows old? Would we make love baby until the sun goes up then back down? If your looking for love baby I’ll be around. Now I’m not trying to lie to you. I mean every bit of these words that I say to you I love you girl don’t care what you do. You run the streets find a man with a nice car. Now I could sleep with a thousand whore’s but I’d still be wishing on a star. For your love lady. Can’t you feel baby? I want you girl now don’t you want me too.

CHORUS: What if told you you’re shining to my stars? What if I told you girl bout the soul that you really are? See my souls naked and free and it lies deep in your eyes. Oh baby sweet lady be mine.

VERSE 2: You makes me weak and strong good loving will do that too you. Like the soul food in my mommas kitchen when I go down for my meal it be’s finger licking good! I want to go in and out you all about you never doubt you girl you’re the only one who makes me feel this way.


Written By: Chilton


VERSE 1: Chances are you know my name. Chances are you’ve played this game so let’s not bullshit tonight and let’s get right to the point. I’ll say this once and best believe it’s true tonight I only want to be with you loving you stroking you holding you tight. Oh I want to be inside you. Feeling your weight on top of me I can’t deny you anything that your body would need. And if I promise I will do you right. Then will you let me go all night. I’ll keep you safe nothing can go wrong and if you want by morning I’ll be gone. Or if its cool then I can stay we can think of plenty games to play. This feelings deep baby and so strong so give it too me shorty all night long.
CHORUS: One night of ecstacy. All up inside you I’m here to testify that your body is what I need. One night just you and me. I can’t deny these feeling deep inside me.
VERSE 2: Oh I’m not a player baby. I’ll never profess to have game but let me say your so fine to me. You can take the wildest man the wildest man and tame me. Break me of all my wild ways yeah teach me to be your perfect lover I want to love you with no shame. And if I promise I will do you right. Then will you let me go all night. I’ll keep you safe nothing can go wrong and if you want by morning I’ll be gone. Or if its cool then I can stay we can think of plenty games to play. This feelings deep baby and so strong so give it too me shorty all night long.
BRIDGE: Could this be the one who truly loves me? Could this be the love that saves my soul remembering times when passion and love were one in the same I love you. Baby I love you



Set List

Super Star
Coming to Love Ya
4 am/Mary Jane
Troubles Coming
Ass Whuppins
What If I Told You
Don't You Know