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Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
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"Chiluba aims to put Kenya on the Map"

Multi-award winning Kenyan afro-pop singer/dancer Arthur Chiluba reckons that he has what it takes to put his country on the international map (musically of course). Given the success, the undeniable hunger to succeed and the immense talent that he possesses ......not many would take that statement lightly.
"My plan is basically to put Kenyan music on the's actually not just a's a promise", said Chiluba in a recent interview with Urban Craft.


Bold statement indeed! So for the benefit of our readers and to get a better understanding of the artist, we asked him to take us back to where it all began.
"I have always been a music started back when I was still in primary school at my local church where I joined the junior youth group....we used to sing and dance during the church service and at any other church events and music festivals.
"I carried this love for music and dance into my high school days where I joined the school music club. Being self-driven got me elected president of the club In my second year of highschool and I held the position until my final year, during which we won many awards and competitions in the Kenyan schools music festivals. I remember me and a couple of my school mates had rap cyphers with one of us playing the keyboard", he said.


Looking at the artist that he is turning out to be, you would be forgiven for forgetting that it was dancing in actual fact that catapulted Chiluba onto the national scene and gave him a solid foundation from which to build his career.
"Not only did I sing but I also danced a lot and formed a dance crew with my classmates so that every Saturday we could entertain everyone in the school hall during 'entertainment time'.
"After high school I proceeded with my dance crew and we competed in a televised dance competition where we did very well....we didn't win but we got national recognition (especially myself because I was the most aggressive in the group)", said Chiluba.


Irregardless of his new found fame (and fortune) as a dancer, Chiluba never did forget his other passion......that of making music.
"In spite of the attention that I had garnered through dance, I never neglected my singing. So many people knew me as a dancer but secretly I did music and actually the music payed me more than the dance.
"This went on for long (the double identity thing) and before I knew it I was a very famous dancer in the industry. I was working with some of the biggest Kenyan artists and my crew was well known internationally.
"One day I just thought to myself......I am one of Kenya's best dancers and I can sing pretty well so why not combine both and become the 'complete package'? That was the beginning of my journey into music. I quit the acapella group that I had been apart of all this while because I felt like I wasn't growing musically in the group and that I was better off as a solo act since it allowed me to move at my own pace.
"As I had already made networks as Kenya's multiple award winning Choreographer it wasn't hard linking up with top ranking producers who in their own capacities gave me direction on how to come into the music industry as it was different from the dance industry", he said.


Besides sharing with us how far he had come in his journey in the entertainment industry, the afro-pop artist/dancer also shared a few of his goals.
"I want to produce good music that will communicate to the masses.....and on a larger scale I want to inspire people. Those kids who will see me in the next few years should know that nomatter where they come from.....succes is within their grasp", said the artist/dancer.


Having traversed the length and breadth of the industry, we are sure that there are a lot of moments/memories that he holds dear.......
"I have been performing with my band all over Nairobi with the intention of creating a fanbase and it has just been one hell of a ride ......earlier this year I dropped my first single WOLOLO, it got ample airtime on the Kenyan airwaves and it allowed me the opportunity to link up with a top international Jamaican producer with whom we are working with.
"My major highlight so far was performing at a sold out concert dubbed CAKEART AFFAIR where I was the main act (they gave me this opportunity because they hadn't seen a musician who performs the way I do).
"Another highlight was working with Jamaican reggae star MaxiPriest with whom we are currently recording an amazing song with that we cannot wait to put out and rule the global airwaves", said Chiluba. - URBAN CRAFT MAGAZINE

"Ever Felt #TheLiveEffect?"

"Music in Me performed about 3 jams and set the bar really high for other performers who had to meet this. Several other performances followed including;
Chiluba, this guy literally brought the house down,he is the official Choreographer for Sauti Sol and had an amazing Vocalist, her name is Ishi.
If you hear this lady sing trust me you will bribe me to quit my singing career. Then the person behind his drums was a guy called Brian...He was remarkable, I wont forgive myself if I ever forget his name... his dancers, costume and Energy were out if this world." - Noreen Crique


Fresh from conquering the dance scene having choreographed for award-winning band Sauti Sol ‘s Live And Die In Afrika tour and subsequent performances, Chiluba is set to take the music scene by storm as he releases his debut music video for single Lala. He talks to Wambui Virginia

What style of dance choreography do you usually do?

I mainly choreograph Afrobeats, dancehall, lingala and African styles of dance.

Dance to me is an expression of what I feel inside. Dance, is it self-taught or did you go to a school?

It is self-taught. Everything that I do I have learnt overtime. It takes a lot of practice, patience, zeal and hardwork. Talk to us about your new second debut single Lala. Yeah, my passion for music came before dance.

My journey began three years ago. It is only that dance made more noise and I used it as a bridge to music. Lala is a feel good love song, which will get you dancing till you drop.

You have performed in productions with big artistes such as renowned band Sauti Sol and Tanzania’s Ali Kiba. How have those experiences shaped your career?

I learned a lot working with them. The experiences have shaped my career in a big way. Most of the strategies I am currently employing are things I learned from these guys. I was not only their choreographer, but also a student.

Let’s talk choreography. Who are your biggest influences?

That would be my personal friend Camron, ‘One-shot’ Valentin from France and Paris Goebel from New Zealand.

What kind of impact do you hope to make in the industry?

I need to ensure that through my music, I portray a dancer as a person who needs to be respected because dancers are at the core of the entertainment industry. I want people to understand the story that dancers tell through music. I always fuse the two to tell a particular story.

Projects are you working on now?

Currently am working on new music with my producer Kash Keed and US-based Jamaican producer Paul Kastick, who has produced for Shaggy, Maxi Priest and Dangling (from the Wailers) and Tessane Chin. We already have two international collabos coming up, so 2018 is going to be a big year.

What is one item you can’t leave the house without?

I can’t leave my house without my phones. I have two. They are my life.

Who is your fashion icon and why?

I love Fally Ipupa’s fashion sense. He is the guy I look up to in terms of fashion. He is versatile and makes almost anything look great.

Where do you shop?

My stylist, Brian Luta, always has me covered. My manager Joe Kaiga also ensures I get the best stuff from Europe on request from Luta. This is because my brand is so heavy on how I look.

What does style mean to you? Is it about looking or feeling good?

It’s about both. As they say, when you dress good, you feel good.

Must haves in your closet?

I have a lot of things I cannot do without; my denim jeans (black and blue), trench coats, mavins, baseball cap, sunglasses, and countless pairs of sneakers.

Do you think fashion trends have evolved for the better to accommodate everyone?

Yes I do. Nowadays, everybody can look good without trying too much and still be comfortable. Fashion is personal and it is how an individual sees it and expresses it.

Most priced item in your closet?

My Rick Owens Geobasket high top sneakers. I got them for about Sh50,000. - People Daily Newspaper - Spice Magazine

"Chiluba releases “Lyt” – New Song and Video"

Multi-talented artiste Chiluba has released “LYT” – new single and video set to rule airwaves way past the love season. The audio has been produced by renowned Kenyan producer KashKeed. The smooth RnB and a bit of Ragga fused with a touch of urban sound, is the third single from the rising star and showcases his versatility and ability to fuse music and dance choreography.

Chiluba is not new to the industry as he is known for being the choreographer for the biggest boy band Sauti Sol during their world tour and subsequent performances. He is also known for singles “Lala” and “Wololo” ft Obinna.
The music video of “LYT” was shot in Kenya and has been directed by music directors, Kashkeed, Mima from Norway and Mike Lolly P. As Chiluba continues to solidify his brand in Kenya and beyond, he is currently planning on collaboration with more acts in the industry and is currently working on a single with one of the legendary Jamaican star Maxi Priest produced by celebrated Jamaican producer Paul Kastick ‘Groove Galore’. He says, “It’s very exciting to release this song to my fans on my birthday and finally being able to fully define myself as an artiste. I am inspired by the stage I’m in in my music career and definitely the things that have been happening around me. I look forward to taking Kenyan music to the next level and show the people outside the good vibes we have in Kenya. - Showbiz Uganda


Multi-talented artiste Chiluba has released “LYT” – new single and video set to rule airwaves way past the love season. The audio has been produced by renowned Kenyan producer Ilogos. The smooth RnB and a bit of Ragga fused with a touch of urban sound, is the third single from the rising star and showcases his versatility and ability to fuse music and dance choreography.
Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Chiluba says “LYT” Love You Today is a song about a guy who is in love with his girlfriend and is willing to do anything for her “It’s a fun song that still has a very serious meaning when put it in reality and one that we can easily to relate to.” - BeAfrika

"Chiluba releases collabo with Maxi Priest"

Choreographer Arthur Chiluba much-awaited collabo, Say I, with Jamaican reggae icon artiste Maxi Priest is finally out.

The two met through a Jamaican producer called Paul.

“I sent him a song I had done in 2016 and he was impressed. He requested to get me a bigger artiste on it and so when Maxi Priest heard the demo, he loved it and decided to do a verse too,” Chiluba told Word Is yesterday.

Maxi was in Kenya last August and the two worked on the song. "Working with Maxi on the video was really easy as he didn't bring any complications like we hear [with] other big stars out there," he said.

"Maxi recorded his verse first so we ended up going with him. And again if you listen to the song, he totally killed that verse."

The song also features Jamaican star Danglin. "...when Danglin came in, the song was 100 percent better."

Chiluba, Maxi Priest and Danglin take the lovers straight to the dance floor with a mid-tempo vibe tune accompanied by their clean vocals that blend so effortlessly.

Chiluba has worked with other artists, including Sauti Sol in Live and Die in Africa and Unconditionally Bae.

He has done three solo songs so far. His first song was with comedian Oga Obinna called Wololo. - Elizabeth Ngigi - The Star Newspaper

"Dance on the Ten with Chiluba #10Over10"

Dance on the Ten with Chiluba #10Over10 -


Say I ft Maxi Priest & Danglin 2019
Chukucha 2018
LYT 2018
Lala 2017
Wololo 2017



Chiluba is a Kenyan perfoming artist and award winning dance choreographer.He got his first opportunity to choreograph on video and live shows with Jimmy Gait, one of Kenya's leading gospel artists back in 2011. Since then he has worked with some of the continents best artists, dancing and choreography for video and live shows, these include Ali Kiba, Sauto Sol, Amani, Collo, STL, Xodus, Dela, P-Unit and more. (these should be facebook links)

In 2015 Chiluba was choreographer to Sauti Sol on their Live and Die tour, which led to their recent award of best group in Africa 2016 at the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). Chiluba also did the choreography (and danced) in Sauti Sol's Unconditionally Bae video which was nominated for the MTV Award for best video 2015.

“Performing songs in the album: Live and Die in Afrika, among hit singles, Sauti Sol wowed the youthful Eldoret crowd with their energetic set backed by their 8-man band, dance choreographer Chiluba and GQ Dancers.” mdundo
“But what they miss in the setting, they make up for in the dancing.” The sun Kampala (reviewing abouyt the unconditionally Bae video)

The dance journey started early for Chiluba, performing in his local church and then school productions. His career grew as he started to train others, build a crew and compete. Endless days in the local cyber cafe, researching,checking out youtube videos for inspiration and new moves, fuelled his passion for developing new styles, influenced by local dance steps, and breaking the mold of dance in Kenya, keen to move it to centre stage not only as a background performance art.

His first gigs as a dancer with his DSI dance crew, often meant long walks to locations, because they didn't have money to pay bus fares. It's this kind of tenacity which still fuels Chiluba today, in a creative sector which has more or less zero cashflow, passion is king. He is on a mission, constantly researching what's happening elsewhere, and building the industry here in East Africa by his involvement in Dance awards, judging competitions, TV appearances, collaborating and training other dancers, helping to grow the place of dance in Kenya.In 2018,Chiluba went on his first European tour being the first ever Kenyan dancer to go on a fully fledged tour across different cities in Europe teaching his Afrobeats and Dancehall styles which He is known for internationally.

A few minutes talking to Chiluba will expose his passion for performance in general and while he wants to help drive the local industry and help build prospects for other local dancers; he is currently looking to enter international competitions and collaborate with international artists, with a desire to bring something uniquely East African to choreography and dance outside of the region.

It's not often that you see a top flight dancer/dance choreographer cross over from his dance career into music.But then it's not often you come across artist like Chiluba.Fresh from conquering the dance scene Chiluba is set to take the music scene by storm having been around musicians all his dancer life as he has choreographed some of the top East African musicians.Chiluba has always been doing music just that his dance career took off before his music career did but in 2015 he decided to revisit his music passion which he had been doing in the shadows of his big dance career as part of an acapella group by the name Afripella which he founded with 4 other friends."I felt like I needed to move at my own speed if I wanted my music career to take off",that's how he went solo with the aim of not only making a promise to himself that he will make great music but also establish himself as the best live performer the Kenyan music has ever witnessed.Due to his fresh sound of afro pop sound well blended with some dancehall influence and his amazing stage presence ,Chiluba has graced many live music stages with his most memorable being the CAKEART AFFAIR concert at the popular Arboretum Grounds.Chiluba is currently riding high in Kenya with his just released collabo dubbed 'SAY I' with reggae and rnb legend Maxi Priest and the immediate former lead singer for the Wailers Band,Danglin.And he is not stopping there as he plans to follow that up with yet another collaboration with another legend,Shurwayne Winchester,a Soca music star from the Trinidad."It is a good time to alive and especially a musician as i can share my message to the world with just one click"

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