Chimpanzé Clube Trio

Chimpanzé Clube Trio

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA


Chimpanzé Clube Trio is Angelo Kanaan (drums), Felipe Crocco and Luiz Miranda (both playing bass and electric guitar). Although the band was formed in August 2002, they have been playing together since high school.

In 2003, some live tracks from rehearsals at the drummer’s backyard became the demo CD “Backyard Sessions”, which was indicated to national independent music awards as best instrumental album and also selected to some prestigious live music projects in São Paulo.

Chimpanzé Clube Trio, their first studio album, was released in September 2007 by Reco Head Records. Produced by the great friend and co-worker Guilherme Garbato and his brother Gustavo Garbato, the album includes guests such as Beto Montag (vibraphone and percussion), Filipe Nader (pifano flute) and Guilherme Garbato (rodhes, piano and synthesizer).

Despite having its roots in rock and roll, the band does not deny other ideas and styles. They consider their music an instrumental pop rock that suits the most various tastes. They’ve played at the most diverse stages and independent festivals all over Brazil and are now looking forward to showing their music in other countries as well.