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Chimp Spanner

BandMetalNew Age

Part song, part soundscape - heavy, melodic, dense, groove laden and dynamic. It's what kids of the future will play in their hover cars!


A few things you should know. Firstly, when I was little I was practically force fed a diet of jazz, funk, and selected 'classic' rock by my parents - also musicians. Secondly, I fell in love with the Transformers Soundtrack. Thirdly, I watched (and still do watch) way too many films. And lastly, I'm a geek/escapist with an overactive and vivid imagination. The end result is my solo project with the silly name.

I love to make music that makes people see the things I see when I make it. And I want to make heavy music that people who don't like heavy music like, because it has energy - positive and negative - and because it's dynamic and it flows and swells and all of that stuff. And which hopefully says a lot despite the lack of words.

Which may or may not be a permanent thing.


At the moment, there is one full CD - "Imperium Vorago". It's less a focused album, and more a collection of finished stuff. It's currently doing the rounds by word of mouth while a new, more coherant offering is in the works.

Set List

I don't do sets - I'm a bedroom artist for now. If I find a band, I'd be happy for that to change...