Chin is inspired by relentless positivity, optimism and belief in the people and powers that are his muse in all aspects, which is reflected in his upcoming new solo album.


Chin goes beyond the meaning of a triple threat; an outstanding musician, world-class producer and one of Canada’s finest songwriters. But that is not enough for Chin. Taking his strengths to the stage, he is a dynamic performer that feels most comfortable performing music for the people.

Born in India, Chin was raised in Toronto where he would find his future bass is base band mates and start a roaring succession of hit songs, Junos, and other awards and accolades. A move to the west coast, resulted in Chin’s emergence a mentor and figurehead for many young musicians in the lower mainland of BC. Chin has been instrumental in uniting the urban music community through his strong presence at his own “Thursday Night Dynomite” performances, hosting The Beat 94.5FM’s Bootcamp and the Media Club Mondays. Chin uses this presence in the community to lend a hand by being a board member for the Songwriter’s Association of Canada and a passionate spokesperson for music therapy.

While maintaining his performing and community efforts, Chin released his debut solo album “Day Dreaming.” A 14 track fusion of urban pop waterfront sounds co-produced by David Kershaw of Sarah McLaughlan fame. The single “Anything” peaked at #11 on the CHR.

Chin has kept more than active in the larger music community through his songwriting and production. Chin is always adding more names to his already lengthy list of credits. Chin has written tracks for or with Macy Gray, Curtis Richardson, Res, Doc, Moka Only, Sweat Shop Union, In Essence, Ben Mink (of KD Lang fame), Colin James, David 'Genie in a Bottle' Frank, Christopher Ward, Liz Rodriguez, Shawn Smith, Tom Wilson, Craig Northey, Maple Music recording artist Ridley Bent and Andy Kim. Chin has also written and recorded with Mike Mangini, Canadian rapper/singer Snow and remixed the track "Pinch Me" for The Barenaked Ladies

Chin is the first call for a number of producers seeking both his programming and musicianship as a songwriter, a session player and producer. Chin’s recent productions include Hot Hot Heat (acoustic collection), Shawn Smith “Deeper Sense of Soul” charting on Canadian AC, upcoming releases Greg Vitale, Domino Click and maple music recording artist Ridley Bent.

Currently Chin is committed to completing a new solo album inspired by relentless positivity, optimism and belief in the people and powers that are his muse in all aspects.

The music will save us all.



Written By: Chin

Day dreaming and I'm thinking of you x3
Day dreamin' day dreaming day dreaming

Day dreaming and I'm thinkin' and scheming
Over the feelings that you put me through
Don't know if it's the real thing
Or are they just plain words to you
Now I could be the moon in a total eclipse
You could be the sun baby ready to dip
I could be the blood running through your veins
You could be the remedy to all of my pain


Why does it always have to come down to this
I tell you how I feel and you don't even twitch
I'm your inner you outer your strength and your power
And all I am to you is a kiss
Things gotta change things gotta come
No more half stepping come on baby give me love
Let me be the ocean you could drink me dry
Let me put the black back in your night
Let me put the stars back in your sky
Day dreaming you could be mine


Moka's ryme

You made an impression girl it must have hit
Inside of me like music do so when we bust a kiss
Stay with me all day is lust or bliss
Got me laying back under a tree
Is one them things gonna run into me
And honestly I don't know how you want it to be
On the beat I know how it gonna just be see
Hey dream'n day I think about you
Don't play I teeter on the brink for you
And what your body do for me
Cause this connection can go down beautifully


selected discography

Day Dreaming (Handsome Boy Records/Ozone Dist)

Base is Bass:
1994 Funkmobile (Soul Shack)
1995 Straw Six & Brix (Soul Shack)
1995 Westside Funk (Soul Shack)
1995 Diamond Dreams (Loose Cannon/A & M)
1996 I Cry (Loose Cannon/A & M)

1994 First Impressions For The Bottom Jigglers (Soul Shack) (unknown)
1995 Memories Of The Soulshack Survivors (Loose Cannon/A & M)

1994 Funkmobile
1996 I Cry

2005 - Ridley Bent – BLAM! (Maple Music Recordings)

Shawn Smith – A Deeper Sense of Soul
2004 Divine Industries Inc. / RED Distribution Canada

Chin – Daydreaming (co-produced with David Kershaw)
2001 Handsome Boy Records/Ozone Dist

bass is base - Memories Of The Soulshack Survivors (co-produced)
1995 (Loose Cannon/A & M)

bass is base –First Impressions For The Bottom Jigglers (co-produced)
1994 (Soul Shack)

Upcoming Releases:

Hot Hot Heat – EP
To be released on iTunes – date unknown

Andy Kim – Loving You Single
To be released

Other Noteworthy Credits:
Barenaked Ladies – Pinch Me (remix)