China Dolls

China Dolls


Eclectic. Catchy rock riffs fused with heartfelt female vocals and inventive rhythms. Energetic. Singer songwriter. Melodic, upbeat, thoughtful writing processes. Unique. Harmonic lulls between all instruments.


We are China Dolls, without a "the" at the start. We are a local Oxford band and enjoying playing music that fits into the styles and moods of what each member enjoys the most. Coming from different backgrounds of Singer-Songwriter / Jazz & Blues / Metal & Rock and Funk, we all pull together to make a unique sound. With a belting female singer, solid bass and drums and melodic guitarist we have played some major Oxford venues such as Oxford Brookes University ("The Venue") and The Zodiac on Cowley Road. Our stop start sound and eager attitude drives us on to achieve highly and score points in people's minds.


First EP "China Dolls" released on April 1st at a gig. CD is being sent to BBC Radio Oxford with hopes to being played on the Saturday evening "introducing" show.

Set List

Our sets usually comprise of our 6 best songs and last a little over half an hour. The most common songs we would play are:

Autumn Leaves
Little Flaw
Super Shifter
Start and Retreat