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China Shop Bull

Leeds, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Leeds, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band EDM Punk




"Live Review from Pie Race Festival"

We had to nip out for some fresh air for a little while, but when we came back the first band we saw were China Shop Bull. I can’t put just how good this band are live into words, they were that damn good. Their mix of ska, punk, hip-hop and drum n bass really hit the spot. They really got the crowd moving, and no matter which bands people were here to see today, I don’t think there was one person who wasn’t impressed. - Leeds Music Scene

"Album review from Push To Fire"

China Shop Bull are one of those bands whose sound just sounds like their sound. It’s easier to pin them down to UK ska-punk, Farse/Capdown-esque which comes out more in tracks like Serotonin Bomb. However, don’t underestimate their rap elements.., such as the opening of stand-out track Sandblaster.. electronic beats lurking beneath every track. Elements of rave slice through.., get ready for a dirty, filthy rave that just goes to show the band are far beyond 3-chords. …A sharp bite with decent lyrics, a mixture of decent honest punk and socially-aware hip-hop intersected with a decent amount of soundbytes. The band have been together in some form or another since 2004, and their experience with gigging and playing together has created a beautiful mutant. The band’s sound reflects their picture of 21st century Britain, an angry, spitting, fun and intelligent melting pot. - Push To Fire

"Album Review from Bananatown"

Let’s get something straight: the whole reason Bananatown exists, and, hence, that I’m sitting writing this is that I love ska, punk and ska/punk. China Shop Bull have got all of that and more, which, for this, makes them absolutely perfect. A good mash-up never hurt anyone, after all.
A side-effect of that, though, is that they’re getting all sorts of coverage from other sites and magazines and that they’re playing all sorts of festivals right now. So other folk are out there writing that CSB are brilliant and refreshing and exciting because they’re “not just another copycat Reel Big Fish”, or all about clichés or Hawaiian shirts, or whatever. Let’s just be sorry for those people that they’ve never experienced the Sonic Boom Six, BabyHead, King Prawn, Beat the Red Light, Mouthwash, etc, etc, etc. and then move on, shall we?
See, the thing is, if you ask me, that there’s nothing wrong with bands or music that don’t push the proverbial envelope, or whatever you want to call it. I mean, can you ever have too much two-tone? Or third wave? Or trad?
What we’ve got here, though, is something bold, different, and refreshing. Well, it would be refreshing if it wasn’t so exhilaratingly, exhaustingly mindblowing.
Rave to the Grave is a gnarly, dirty, mash-up of dub/dubstep/punk/rave/rap/rock thing. It takes that idea of going to every tent at a festival and nicking the speakers. But just imagine you got all those speakers back and put them in a circle and then stood in the middle and turned the bass right up. It’s sort of like that, but bigger. It’s got giant wob-wob-wobs and dirty great big guitar riffs, a back-of-throat punk rock vocal and an angry white-man rap vocal that’s a little like Sum 41, but in a good way. Think of the Sums’ Does This Look Infected? in a baking tray with SB6’s remix album Arcade Perfected and heated up. It’s a bit like that, but in a squat or in a field instead of in an oven. It’s gigantic, and a scary in places, and the rest of it’s like a the most surreal, most adrenaline-powered, most euphoric, most powerful and probably the dirtiest party you’ve ever been to. Just in compact-disc form. You’ll love it if you’re brave. If not, it might just eat you.
- Bananatown


"I imagine this band lifting the atmosphere of a tea party into a rave.... There isn't much else to say about this band, just go and see them, now." - Leeds Music Scene


Rave To The Grave (2011 album) - Released through Code 7 and online with CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and many more. Brain in a Jar single has received worldwide radio play including BBC Radio Leeds and Radio 1 in Czech Republic.

Sandblaster (2009 Single)
Three track debut single, independently released (sold out)



China Shop Bull play a lively 7 piece mix of ska rave and drum and bass, recently releasing a debut album ‘Rave To The Grave’. They have been on the festival, punk and party scene since 2006, playing in the UK and Europe with acts as diverse as Dreadzone, The Dub Pistols, Sonic Boom Six, Inner Terrestrials, The Skints, Pama International, Random Hand, Goldie Lookin Chain, Eat Static, Voodoo Glowskulls and Subsource. Building a fast growing following with their infectious sound and lively shows, China Shop Bull have previously been invited to festivals such as Rebellion, Solfest, Boomtown Fair, Beats Not Bombs, Alchemy, Limetree, GASHFest, Waveform, and Kendal Calling to name but a few. 2011 into 2012 will no doubt see China Shop Bull feasting on new pastures far and wide.