Combining the driving rhythms and guitar barrage of early 1990’s alternative rock with a dark song writing style that often falls just to the left of mainstream sensibilities, CHINASKI has a simple approach to rock…that rock itself shouldn’t be so simple.


CHINASKI is a literary character created by Charles Bukowski. He valued alcohol and the madmen and women of the world. He lived to create and illuminate the underbelly of Los Angeles. Disgusted with the mundane and conventional people surrounding him, he left his readers with a cleansing honesty. That honesty is reflected in the music of this band.

On their newest CD "megaton robotic apple pie", LA based indie-rock heroes CHINASKI deliver another infectious, signature album with crunchy low end guitars, interwoven bass lines, and thunderous drumming. With wide-ranging influences and qualities explained by the band as, "the threatening crunch of Sabbath, the spring-coil tightness and groove of the Jesus Lizard, and the atmospherics of the Doors," the band reaches far beyond the typical rock genre to a place that can only be understood through sound.

The songs on the album range from the darkly jazz-inflected groove of "There Is A Place" featuring Lomet's dramatic vocal presence, the angular and explosively blues-tinged "Highway 61", the strummy and harmony-laden "One More Lie", and the aggressive driving darkness and operatic fury of "Frontline."

The massive low end of their sound comes from the chunky bottom of Cudahy's guitar, paired with McCoy’s bass lines, and anchored by Weinstein's sinewy drumming. It's a sonic foundry of thick guitars and pounding rhythms set off by a straight-shooting lead vocal. CHINASKI rocks with more power and finesse than bands twice their size and wattage, which when all is said and done, really is the bottom line.

Combining the driving rhythms and guitar barrage of early 90's alternative rock with a song-writing style that falls just left of the mainstream, CHINASKI has a simple approach to rock… that rock itself shouldn't be so simple.

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Written By: Bruce Lomet

All the ways I let you down
You told me all the time
All the lies on which I drowned
They seemed so sublime

But I’m breaking from the past
That had me so confined
This hurt is unsurpassed
Leave it all behind

You can’t stop me now (3X)

It’s a spiral of success
An affliction of control
All the adulation crests
But the truth cannot console

Now here I stand accused
For crimes of the Machine
The masses are confused
Deceptions I have seen

You can’t stop me now (3X)

All my troubles I’ve been told
Are from lack of self control

One More Lie

Written By: Bruce Lomet

He woke up - with that look in his eyes
Acting tough – another day to survive
On the road – touring aimless alone
Secret code – holding court on the phone
But it’s…

One more lie
One more faded truth
You won’t even try
To offer me some proof

Hold me now – like you did yesterday
I know somehow – there’s nothing here left to say
You know I wanted to believe it - when I opened up the door
I thought you could achieve it - but I don’t think anymore
‘cause it’s…

One more lie
One more faded truth
You won’t even try
To offer me some proof

We both know – how the river flows… (3X)


Written By: Bruce Lomet

I was riding shotgun, sitting on the sky –
Sightseeing for the megaton robotic apple pie
Gaza to the West
Ramallah to the East
Just another night out for the keeper of the peace

Dropping on the front line (3X)

Strappin’ on the semtex – drivin’ in the nails
Runnin’ to the bus stop to catch a ride to Hell
God-fearers to the Left
Scene-stealers to the Right
Smile for the camera, babe – you’re lookin’ dynamite

Dropping on the front line (3X)

Oh happy day… left my torso on the pavement
On Judgment Day… gonna rise up with the Savior
Oh happy day – it’s the price you pay
On Judgment Day – gonna lead the way
Oh… rise it up….

Running through the mine field, RPG in hand
Aiming for the indolent pretender also-ran
Bent girders on the ground
Sheep herders on the sky
Welcome to the Homeland now secure yourself to die


You Might Like This Better Than Me (2001)
Megaton Robotic Apple Pie (2005)