Ching Ching

Ching Ching

 New York City, New York, USA

We are like a rustic meal-showing the basics We're from the Antifolk scene in NYC and have an edge to prove it. We're like Regina Spector Judy Garland and Molly Drake. Don't let the instrumentation of piano/vocals fool you. We're easy on paper but a powerhouse duo followed by New Yorker,TONY and you


The melifluous Ching Ching will remind you of Judy Garland, and their live show asks the audience to come over the rainbow. In candid and unapologetic fashion, the band addresses audiences with melodic singing, unconventional instrumentation and the fearless energy of pure talent. This hardworking and oft-touring band plays everywhere, from the underground New York scene to prestigious clubs throughout the U.S. and Europe. Ching Chong Song believes that the courage to dream, acceptance and hard work are the keys to happiness and stop at nothing to get their music heard by as many people as possible. Ching Ching wants nothing less than to "change the world".
They are delighted to be called "…a genuine New York oddity." fresh and honest melodic songs with original writing and energetic performance are geared to the audience with an appreciation for engaging entertainment. They have functioned very well as a DIY band for 6 years booking many tours in the U.S. and abroad, playing regularly in NYC and getting the attention of reputable publications such as The New Yorker for their virtuosity and by the Villiage Voice for their band name. Their touring in Europe got the attention of two record labels Elephant Sounds in Paris, whose aesthetic leans toward field recordings and chaos and Acuarela, who recently booked them at the Primavera Sound Festival and also Tanned Tin, two of the largest music festivals in the world.
Because of they're instrumentation,which is very simple-piano, vocals, singing saw and sometimes a ukelele Ching Ching has an other worldly feeling which is reinforced by using costumes and dancers sometimes.
Dan Gower and Julie LaMendola met on the lower east side of New York City. Now they are guest performers at the Burg Theater in Vienna, touring a contemporary musical with a theater company based in NYC.

We Sing Songs To You About You: Album, Brooklyn, New York-2011
Ching Ching was commissioned to record an album with artist Kevin Blechdom by Parisian record label, Elephant and Castles. The label focuses on non-traditional and often experimental musical aesthetics. This album was released in March 2011.

Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain-2010
Ching Chong Song was featured in a showcase for Acuarela, a record label that books and promotes bands in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The Primavera Sound Festival concentrates on showcasing up and coming artists alongside well established bands.

Tanned Tin, Castellon, Spain-2010
Ching Chong Song made their Spain debut at this festival. Audience response was overwhelming, sparking the label Acuarela to showcase Ching Chong Song at the Primavera Festival and to sign the band to their touring roster.

Danau Festival, Krems, Austria-2009
A music festival that celebrates/promotes established and fledging artists who integrate art, film, theatrics and music. This performance was a collaboration with several artists (Volker Zander, Kevin and Blevin Blechdom, Irene Moon, Lucas Abela, and others) that began a European tour called Slaughterin Slobbersville. This was a large scale performance with costumes, sets made from cardboard and utilization of found objects in each space performed.

Everything is for the Babies: Album, Brooklyn, New York-2009
Ching Chong Song's self-released, full length album, made in collaboration with Kevin Blechdom. The record has sold more than 1000 copies, and Ching Chong Song has been touring in the U.S. and abroad to promote it.

Time Out New York, New York, New York-2008
TONY covers events around the city and is a cultural guide to the arts. In a full page feature and review on the front page of the music section, Ching Chong Song was highlighted as an important element of the New York music scene and named as a top up and coming artist.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York, New York-2008
Ching Chong Song performed at this landmark church as part of a re-dedication ceremony.

Little Naked Gay Adventure: Album, Brooklyn, New York-2008
Ching Chong Song's first professional album, self-released. It has sold more than 1000 copies and Ching Chong Song continues to perform pieces from it on tour.

Checkerboard Kids, New York, New York-2008
Featured on Mannhattan Public Acess Television show. Ching Chong Song performed several songs for a live taping of this T.V. show. This bi-weekly broadcast features artists who are off the beaten path.

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland-2007
Art Basel, a highly competitive international art fair, is known as the Olympics of the art world. Ching Chong Song was invited to perform a full set as a part of an art project by Portikus, an art exhibition hall in Frankfurt Am Main.

Porn Film Festival, Berlin, Germany- 2007
The Porn Film Festival is a celebration of the most dynamic pornography in the world. Ching Chong Song was hired to provide musical entertainment for the press, guests and producers.

Ladyfest, Rotterdam, Holland-2007


Everything is for The Babies:May 2009
Produced by Kevin Blechdom.

Little Naked Gay Adventure: November '07
-Produced by Kevin Blechdom and mixed by Safety Scissors, the release reviewed on the front page of the music section of Time Out New York

What's The Matter? Doom Doom Doom: September '07
-includes recordings from a radio show in Germany featured on Cologne radio for up and coming musicians.

Live at the (Stone) Church of Lurch: December '06
-recorded at the stone church on tour with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Never Rrong: September '06.
-self produced songs featured on a live Manhattan Public Access show, Checker Phil, all albums sold on olive juice music and

Set List

They typically play from 40 minutes to an hour. They play all original music
some songs are:
Madeleine Can't Well
Ghost Clock
Start Your Engines
Unconditional Love
Heads Will Roll
Olde Man
Silver Leaves
To The Rising
Cream Pie