Chins Mojo

Chins Mojo

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Chin's Mojo plays new, original music. We know how to make the pieces fit - and still deliver a sweaty, gut performance... like a new locomotive engine burning the paint off. When Chin's Mojo plays live, that's just what we bring. Our show is right up front, and it's compelling to see it happen.


It was an impulsive purchase - a human skull on ebay for $126 - that was sometimes a topic of discussion in the band's rehearsal room. The skull was nicknamed "Chin". Prior to taking the stage for the band's first performance (a Battle Of The Bands contest), one bandmember said optimistically, "maybe Chin's Mojo will be with us." Incredibly, over three nights of elimination rounds, the band advanced and ultimately won first place overall. That night, it was decided the band's name would become "Chin's Mojo" in recognition of Chin's powerful influence and good luck.

Combining a love for unique musical arrangements with crunching power chords and a flair for theatrics, Chin's Mojo provides the necessary links between '80s pop, rock and roll, and blazing solos. The band's albums are filled with highly melodic, well-written songs that draw influence equally from the crafted pop of Cheap Trick and the sonic assault of KISS. Their unique sound includes elements from both power pop and arena rock.

The band fashioned a captivating stage show that features dry ice, smoke bombs, elaborate lighting, lasers, and gadget guitars that captured the imaginations of their audience. But Chin's Mojo's music shouldn't be dismissed -- it is a commercially potent mix of anthemic, fist-pounding hard rock driven by sleek hooks and ballads powered by loud guitars, singable melodies, and sweeping orchestration.

Chin's Mojo has recorded 2 albums in its own Dallas, Texas recording studio. The songs are independently written, performed, recorded and produced.

Chin's Mojo has performed in many large outdoor festivals such as Six Flags Over Texas, Poor David's pub, House Of Blues, Dallas Fair Park (State Fair Grounds), Dallas City Arts Festival, Hawaiian Falls Water Parks, and the City of Arlington's Street Festival.


Chin’s Mojo is a Dallas based rock band with two independent albums, The Mighty Chin’s Mojo (2010) and Man O’ War (2013).

Set List

Benefits of Lies
Drama Queen
Just Like That
License to Kill
Cant Change Some Things
Nothing to You
Standing Next To You
In Love
Rollar Coaster
Drowning Man
Anna Nicole
Boys Are All Bad
The King
House of Sticks

All original set, length of about 80 to 100 minutes