Chion Wolf

Chion Wolf


Chion Wolf's style floats happily in the can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it genre. Always intensely personal while remaining to connect on an intimate level with her listeners, Chion goes from gospel-like sing-alongs to foot stomping folk like she invented it


Inspired by three guitar-weilding big brothers and the concept of being her own portable request-line, Chion began writing songs at 12 years old. Influenced by the down-trodden grit of Billie Holiday and the driven, percussive sounds of Led Zeppelin, she's found herself reaching out to every breed of listener. As unique as her tattooed, dread-locked appearance, Chion's sound and soul comes across just as surely.


This Song

Written By: Chion Wolf

You left me suddenly
You left me blue
Your alibi was shakey
But i believed you

You ran away screaming
Just as i was believing
That you would somehow stay
Tried and true
I got a clear message
To wait until i'm called
To wait for you to inform me
Of our downfall
You did it in a phone call
You did it all after all
And you are gone
And you'll miss This Song

But this song isn't about you
I could sing it all the time
This song is about me
If you don't mind

I took our pictures down
And i put our ring away
I haven't heard your voice in about
Five weeks and a day and thirteen hours and forty-two minutes, it was
The prettiest rug i'd ever had
That was pulled from under my feet
And i'm still spinning from becoming
Where'd you put your pictures?
Where'd you put your love?
I swear i saw it on the wall,
Beside, below and above it all
And when will you apologize?
When will you regret
Missing all the things that could have been,
Look at my lonely cigarette

This song isn't about you
I could sing it all the time
This song is about me
I won't even bother to rhyme
I am burning all of your letters
I am doing it one at a time
And thanking myself
For getting out before we had joint bank accounts

This song isn't about you
Or you, or you, or her
This song is about me
As a pre-engaged divorcee

Valentine's Day

Written By: Chion Wolf

I'm gonna watch
Your pretty little head
walk so far away
(repeat X2)
This, this Valentine's Day

You're gonna leave
Leave so quick
You might just fly away
(repeat X2)
You're gonna leave once i speak my peace
No matter what i say

I'm gonna drive down the longest road
I don't know where it ends
(Repeat X1)
I'm gonna crash at the end of that road
To find myself again

I'm gonna be
Alone with me
The devil made me say
(Repeat X2)
I'm gonna be someone better after me
'cause my love went away
'cause my love went away
on this, this Valentine's Day


Chion Wolf - Chion Wolf, 2000
Fin: - Chion Wolf, 2004
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Set List

Typical set lists range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Covers are few and far between, but always melded to her style- a chilling a capella, Sondheim-inspired introspective leads directly into a driven "Ain't No Sunshine". Covers also typically include Patty Griffin, Dar Williams and Jeff Buckley.

Set List:
-Truth Without Proof
-Come Around
-sometimes/Ain't No Sunshine
-Arms Down
-This Song
-Anything Almost Daily
-Be With Me
-Funeral Song
-Valentine's Day
-The Other Woman
-Leave Me
-One Year in Washington, DC
-Look At Me
-Princess Song
-One Man Guy
-Let Him Fly
-Satisfied Mind