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Never Let Your Freedom Go

Written By: Chip Von Gunten (Souza)

Never Let Your Freedom Go
(We Live As One)

Oh say can you see where the eagle flies?
Forest green and river wide, we live as one
Today I am free and my flag flies high
In our hearts and in our minds, we live as one

And we stand by our land in America
And we light up the midsummer night
And in my mind I can see Lady Liberty
Trying to reach the heaven sky, oh so high

Never let your freedom go!
Children hear the stories of our heroes

The tall trees and forever rolling fields
Oceans deep and mountains high, we live as one
Together, hand in hand and shore to shore
We’ve been through troubled times before, we live as one

Never let your freedom go!
Stars and Stripes surround us in her glow

Why should she be watching over me?
She only wants us to live our dreams
In the home of the brave and the land of the free!

Never Let Your Freedom Go!
Never let it go


Never Let Your Freedom Go

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Never Let Your Freedom Go