Chip Kendall Band

Chip Kendall Band


We're a Christian band, able to accommodate for evangelism and/or worship style festivals.

We're unique, in that we can be professional whilst maintaining a prophetic edge.

We've played all the major Christian music festivals in the UK as well as many of the big ones in Europe.


Brief bio for Chip Kendall Band

The Chip Kendall Band is excited about connecting heaven to earth, and modelling God’s Kingdom-party for a whole new generation of activist worshippers. Their unique and infectious live performances feature songs from Chip’s brand new album ‘Holy Freaks’ as well as his debut solo EP ‘K is for Kendall’, ranging from pop-rock and electro-punk to epic ballads and even a bit of storytelling.

Chip (formerly of thebandwithnoname) was born in Florida, raised in Jerusalem, Israel and currently resides in the UK.


EP 'K is for Kendall' (2010)
Album 'Holy Freaks' (2012)