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Chip Richter

Columbiana, Ohio, United States | SELF

Columbiana, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Not Just for Kids!"

Not strictly a children's album this is designed for a family setting with warm songs that connect both to parents and children. Chip bridges that gap by taking in songs that are joy filled and well produced. There are also more basharound songs that kids will love to sing and some things that are just simply fun .
Taking a folky style, these are songs that I can imagine being sung on long car journeys with the whole family joining in. It's a million miles better than some of the cheesy pap that masquerades as kids' music!
- Mike rimmer-Cross Rythms

"Designed to Shine"

"Chip is an Ohio-based singer-songwriter—a sort of Christian Don McLean—and this, his second release is what he describes as a 'family album'. The songs are mainly acoustic guitar-led ballads, and are strong: some are obviously for kids, but there is a real balance between jokey and more serious numbers and there is a fusion of musical styles. The musicianship and Chip's voice are both first-rate. As he says on the accompanying promotional material, he '... really wanted this to be something that kids might listen to on one of those long car trips to Grandma's house and not drive mom and dad bonkers after just a few songs'. He succeeds by a long way: this one comes thoroughly recommended."
Parents, are you sick of the music your children listen to? Do you find yourself humming the tune to some annoying childish song? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a style of children’s music that was also designed for the parents? Well now there is. Designed to Shine is Chip Richter’s newest album, which is designed to be appealing to both children and parents.
- Jamie Goode- Worldnet Music Review


Designed to Shine 1997
My Dad's Coat 2000
LIVE at Lakeside 2003
Lost in Lakeside 2005
Chip's Bits and Pieces 2007
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Singer-Songwriter Chip Richter serves up stories, songs, and smiles “Family Style”. Chip’s Family Concerts feature something on the menu for everyone. It’s a recipe for “more fun than a kid should be allowed to have” as Chip delivers healthy portions of love and laughter for all ages to enjoy! Touring nationally as a solo artist or with his band “The Munks”, Chip’s delightful performances are filled with his gentle spirit, pleasant and winsome style, and an unmistakable connection with family audiences.
Chip's music is receiving airplay on dozens of kids radio programs around the country. Chip's solo music has been compared to James Taylor and Phil Keaggy and indeed offers a tranquil, folk appeal. But there’s also a whole “Rockin” side to his music when Chip is joined by his band The Munks. Chip and The Munks have a sound that some have compared to a kid friendly Dave Matthews Band and finds a welcoming audience among parents as much as children. Attending one of Chip's Family Concerts is truly a unique experience because it's not a "kids show" and it's not an "adult show"... it's exactly what it's billed to be... an all age event... FAMILY CONCERT! Chip's songs range from rollicking, fun, bash around tunes, to songs that are very grown-up, but still kid friendly. His songs seem to touch the heart of the "child" in us all, capturing snapshots of family life that people of all ages will recognize.