Chip Robertson

Chip Robertson


Acoustic songs from the heart and soul. Chip digs down deep to bring out songs that you will surely see yourself in.


From the clean streets of Bergen County, New Jersey, via the mean streets of Keansburg, NJ, comes performing songwriter Chip Robertson. Although Chip is a relative newcomer to the singer-songwriter genre, he has deep roots in the New Jersey music scene. From 1974-1979, he was the leader of the seminal Jersey Shore garage band “The Crash Street Kids”. Often imitated, but never duplicated, “The Kids” performed throughout the shore area to the delight of SRO crowds who marveled at both the musicianship and the somewhat crude pyrotechnics displays that were staples of CSK shows.

After disbanding the Crash Street Kids, Chip tried his hand as an acoustic performer, playing covers in the various pubs and clubs throughout the state. In 1983, Chip moved to California and put his musical career into storage for awhile. However, old habits die hard. As the 80's turned to 90's, the bug that had burrowed deep inside Chip was starting to make its way back to the surface. Thanks to major prodding from his wife, Nancy, Chip started to realize just how much he missed playing music. The Crash Street Kids reformed for a one-time only charity show in December 1998. The wildly successful show told Chip all he needed to know. It was time.

Fast forward to January 2000. Chip has the incredible good fortune to meet up with a kindred spirit by the name of Tina Vero. An amazing performing songwriter herself, Tina sees the potential in Chip and encourages him to try his hand at writing his own songs. In November of 2001, Chip started his new performing songwriter career by tearing down the house at the legendary “Grandma’s Gourmet Cheesecake” in Ridgewood, NJ. Since then, it’s been full steam ahead, picking up new fans at each new venue he plays. His touring schedule has included numerous folk festivals and opening slots for the amazing Nashville based singer-songwriter Rod Picott.

In April 2002, Chip released a 3-song EP CD while he continued work on his full-length CD. Produced by the incredible team of Andy Fox and Denise O’Brien (Andy and Denise), Chip was able to give the world a taste of what to expect. Tina Vero and Denise O’Brien also lend their spectacular vocal talents to the CD. The reviews have been very positive. Joe Rapolla, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Warner Music Group was moved to write “Sincere, honest and very listenable. Chip crafts and delivers songs that are a refreshing alternative.” Lou Brutus of XM Satellite Radio advises “Before you start bitchin’ about where all the good music has gone, you’d better listen to Chip Robertson.”

November 2004 marked the release of Chip’s debut full length CD. For this project, entitled “Looking Ahead”, he once again enlisted the services of Andy Fox and Denise O’Brien for production duties. A stellar cast of musicians, including Tina Vero, Tim Whalen, Cheryl Prashker and Wendy Fuhr were assembled. Check him out for yourself and see what the buzz is all about!


"Looking Ahead" - debut full length CD 2004
Chip Robertson self titled EP 2002

Various songs from these CD's are receiving steady airplay at ( , Whole Wheat Radio ( and Radio Crystal Blue (, as well as WVBR-FM in Ithaca, NY.

Set List

Set lists vary from venue to venue, depending on the number of sets being played that evening. I have an hour's worth of original material. As a performing songwriter, I prefer to play my material for an audience, but will tailor the sets to my audience. Aside from my original material, audiences will hear assorted tunes from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Richard Shindell, Rod Picott, Otis Redding, The Box Tops, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John and The Band.