Chips for the Poor

Chips for the Poor

 London, England, GBR

Broken Britain.


Total Brits abroad and avoiding the electric chair. Chips for the Poor are twirling their lasso's and hopping off the wagon. They been visited by the kung-fu of Christmas past and shaken by the prospect of a future future talking with the fishes (note they swim 3 times a week at East London’s York Hall).

They got grabbed up by a fresh-like-the-daisy-age vibe and have grappled the one armed bandit drum machine and bounced their bread boxes off weekends suppin diesel leaks and home made margaritas to vom up the spring/summer/autumn/winter hits of 2011/12…


LSD Who Said That? 2005
Tell Your Mum, Bolan's Back! 2010

Set List

What the fuck is this? Karate School.
Gracelands, Gracelands.
I Am A Warrior.
Cock, Cunt, Penis, Tony Blair, Tina Turner.
Weather Channel.
Sunset Junction.